The Jace Way of Life

Jace has discovered the PBS Kids app for the iPad.  That means Elmo and Daniel Tiger (and a zillion other shows) any time he wants!  It’s been a great way to keep him occupied while I shower in the morning!

Jace has a new favorite way to get a drink of water.  You get a cup from the kitchen.  You head outside.  You turn on the “sprinkler”.  You fill the cup.  Logical.
IMG_0869 IMG_0871

Everyone had fun in the sun the other day.  So much fun that Jace didn’t want to take his nap.  At all.  So we ran some errands instead.  He tried on sunglasses.  Ignore the fact that he’s only wearing one shoe.
IMG_0875 IMG_0877

Ahhhh, an example of what Jace does while I shower when he’s not watching PBS Kids….  Yup, he uses the toilet paper hook as a foot hold and climbs onto the counter.  I opened the shower curtain and he was standing in the sink and playing with all the lotions he found in the medicine cabinet.  Sigh!  Lastly, Jace is addicted to those frozen colored water popsicles.  He loooves them.  He grabs them from the freezer, waits for me to open them, then crawls into his mini-couch fort.  Pretty cute.  Sometimes he takes the cats or stuffed animals in with him!
IMG_0883 IMG_0893


3 thoughts on “The Jace Way of Life

  1. I’ve decided that Jace has a pretty Awesome life! Awesome way of thinking. Awesome way of doing things. Not to mention… Awesome parents 😀

  2. Oh does he often go shopping in one shoe? Did you find the other shoe? You can’t tell someone to ignore something because then they like hyper focus on it… Can you do a follow up on your next blog.. Or pose questions in a video format and post 😉 I’m now very curious about the missing shoe!!!!!! And I’ve noticed a trend!!!!

  3. It’s so entertaining to read your blog posts and see Jace in all of his 2 year old glory. You’re a good writer!

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