YouTube and a Trike

We have a YouTube channel!  I know it’s hard to watch the videos in the posts sometimes….for some reason….so we’ve “published” our YouTube channel.  I really don’t understand what that means, but here!  If you click on this link, you can see all the videos we’ve ever posted.  The showed up in a kinda random order, which is weird, but they’re all there.  And now, if the video in the post isn’t working correctly, you could watch videos straight from the source!

Jace got another birthday present in the mail earlier this week….  A trike!  It took some work to get it together (Jace helped), but once it was finished, it was pretty cool!  Jace can’t reach to pedal it yet, but he’s the perfect size for resting his feet on the foot rests while I push him around.  We went on our first adventure yesterday.  There is a learning curve for steering this thing!  I crashed us off the path more times than I’m willing to admit!  But it was pretty awesome and Jace had a great time.  Plus, you can use it as a place to sit in the living room while you’re drinking your after-dinner chocolate milk!
IMG_8995 IMG_9009 IMG_9017 IMG_9018

Jace is adorable.  He picked out his own outfit from his closet yesterday.  And the t-shirt he picked was gigantic.  It had a Hawaiian Sea Turtle on it, though, so he was sold.  The shirt would billow in the wind when he’d walk, which he found hilarious.  Today, in a more size-appropriate shirt, Jace went shopping with me.  We bought throw pillows as an early Father’s Day present for Adam.  Jace thought it was great to ride in the cart with all the pillows piled around him!  When we finally got to the front and I pulled all six pillows out of the basket, Jace said “shoe!”  And, lo and behold, he was only wearing one shoe.  Sooooo, we looped through the store again until we found it.  All in all, a great shopping trip!
IMG_9026 IMG_9027.

We went to the last day of open gym today (it will start back up in the fall).  Jace and Ella were pretty cute on the bars, but it was impossible to get a picture of both of them looking at the same time.  They both have pretty decent arm strength though!IMG_9043 IMG_9046 IMG_9054 IMG_9060

Today was almost 90F.  I figured that’s a good day for a sprinkler, right?  Jace only kinda agreed.  He humored me, then, after 10 minutes of set up (it took a while to punch holes in the pool noodle!) and about 3 minutes of “playing”, he decided it was time for popsicles.  In the fourth picture, he’s pointing at the stairs and saying “in, in”.  When we finally headed inside, he went straight to the freezer.  Kid knew what he wanted!  It was a good choice, though.  So hot outside and popsicles are delicious!
IMG_9415 IMG_9416a IMG_9420 IMG_9422


2 thoughts on “YouTube and a Trike

  1. Okay, you are in huge trouble now. Do you know how easy it is to lose HOURS of one’s day, watching video after video after video? It’s bad enough when it’s kittens or funny dogs or whatever, but when it is an adorable and funny NEPHEW, from babyhood on up? Well, I told myself I would only take a look and twenty minutes later I realized I had become addicted to the Jace Show. Grrr…. But really, I love it! I already have seen videos that I missed first time around.

    Two things: First, a huge request (and there’s obviously no rush with this, and maybe I’m the only one who wants it, so don’t bother, but…) I really wish I knew how old Jace was in all those early videos. As a grandma of babies, I would love to know how old he was when he crawled, had head control, object permanence… all that stuff.

    The second thing is something you probably can’t control, but at the end of each of your videos, the viewer gets a rude surprise because YouTube immediately switches to someone ELSE’S video. and plays that. Creepy!

    Okay, that’s all from me. I love Jace’s videos and I’m excited to watch Jace TV!! xoxoxo wal

  2. L❤️Ve the sprinkler!!!!!! What a great idea!!!! Indoor gymnastics with a friend looked fun! I’ll totally go pillow shopping- seriously- you do the cutest things! I’ll even help you look for the missing shoe! Maybe we’ll get a video soon of him talking some ?!?! I bet the tricycle will be perfect for trips to the playground! The handle-pusher makes it perfect!

    The YouTube channel is great!
    I want you to teach me how to blog and make a YouTube channel! He’s like famous! Loved it! Easy to get sucked in- and there were some I missed!
    (I saw the other post- I didn’t have other YouTube videos start auto-playing). Maybe it’s the device? Or in settings?
    But It shows other related YouTube videos- which it’s easy to click on those of you’re not careful. I find them entertaining to see what’s telated because your titles are always so creative, so that was funny in and of itself!

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