Happy 2nd Birthday, Jace!

Jace is TWO!  Our birthday celebrations started yesterday with a play date at the park.  Jace was very excited to help me with the cupcakes.  And to help himself to a cupcake!  He likes to eat the chocolate chips off the cupcakes, lick the frosting off the top, then give the rest to me.  I like the cake part best, so I guess it works out….?
IMG_8310 (2)

The play date was fun.  Lots of Jace’s friends showed up, but I didn’t get any great pictures.  It’s pretty hard to corral 10 toddlers at the playground!  In the picture below, all the kids at both benches were part of the “party”.  Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jace (much to his dismay), then the kids all ate a ton of cupcakes!

This morning Jace woke up to a NEW BIKE!  I didn’t even know he knew the word “bike”, but apparently he does.  He was quite excited.
IMG_8352 IMG_8355

We discovered that riding a bike is much easier if you DON’T have a cupcake in each hand.  However, Jace wasn’t willing to put the cupcakes down, so the bike pretty much became a mom-and-dad-propelled-device.  Oh well.  We’ll try again tomorrow!  Jace was very happy sticking bows on his nose.  I’m not sure why he thinks that’s what you do with bows, but he likes to stick them to his nose, then fake sneeze until they go flying off.  Then he laaaaughs.  It’s cute.  Strange, but cute!
IMG_8356 IMG_8357

Jace was pretty eager to open his presents.  And pretty happy with his haul!
IMG_8358 IMG_8359 IMG_8368 IMG_8387

After a yummy dinner of Little Caesar’s pizza (Jace’s favorite!), it was time for cake.IMG_8453 IMG_8436

Jace did a great job with the candles.  Multiple times.  It took some convincing to get him to eat the cake instead of just blow out the relit candles over and over!  All-in-all, I think he had a great birthday.  I can’t believe he’s two!  HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, JACE!

Blowing Out the Candles – video

No, YOU Blow Out the Candles – video


2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, Jace!

  1. Well, first of all, it’s obvious that Jace thinks of Mommy as a tool that he can use to more easily accomplished difficult tasks (I remember lifting gallon jugs of milk!). Hilarious! And he has the sweetest little voice! A visit this summer, for sure. It looks like his birthday was a huge success, spent with lots of relatives and friends over the past week!! So awesome. And am I wrong, or did you pull out one or two Christmas gifts? I remember sending a gift for him that was way too grown up at the time (but I had no good ideas), and I’ve been feeling bad all this time. Now it’s perfect! Yay!! Yay!!! Please give him hugs from me, and you and Adam deserve all sorts of praise for being such great and involved and quality parents for two years. As parents, you’re TWO YEARS OLD!! 🙂 xoxoxox wal

  2. I can’t believe he’s 2! Happy birthday Jace!
    And for being 2 I hope you realize what a little genius you are raising. Sorry SallyRose, but I’m with Jace on this one- Umm- the frosting IS the best part of a cupcake!!!!
    And the bow does go on your nose! Cause he’s the gift! Toooo funny. Genius/comedian. Tomato/tomato- so that’s hard to relay via Internet- but know what I mean?
    His bike looks like fun and I expect videoS, yes plural.
    His blowing out the candles/you blowing out the candles was cute! Adam even cheered for you! You 3 are toooo cute!
    Looked like a great day!!

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