Colorado!  What a great trip!  Somehow Adam and I ended up with over 900 pictures.  I narrowed it down to 170.  Then it was a complete battle to get it down to a number manageable for a post.  Some of these pictures might be in a slightly random order, but here they are – the best of the best from Colorado!

Despite not sleeping on either flight, Jace warmed up to his Grandma right away.  And after that, they were inseparable!  They read books, they practiced numbers (Jace loved the number buttons on the phone), they had breakfast together every morning, they played around the house, they played on the back deck, the cuddled with the doggies.  Everything was better for Jace if he could do it with Grandma!
IMG_6399  IMG_7030 IMG_7052 IMG_7143 IMG_7147IMG_7152 IMG_7153

We spent one of our days in Denver.  Jace was a bit shy around my cousins (they’re so tall!), but he was excited to hang out with my kitty-cousins.  Jace and Marian cuddled with both kitties – until both kitties said they’d had enough!  We played in the back yard, played with the keyboard, and had a yummy dinner at the buffet with my cousins, Phil, and Betty.  Of course I didn’t remember to take pictures.  Oops.
IMG_6434 IMG_6435 IMG_6501 IMG_6513

I’m pretty sure the highlight of Jace’s trip to Denver was playing with Marian in the spinning chair.  He LOVED it.  He would say “round’n’round’n’round’n’round” and then laugh when he got to spin.  Very cute.  I’m posting two videos of the chair spinning.  Partially because they’re really cute videos, and partially because they’re Jace’s favorite videos.  He has watched these videos – and a two minute Elmo video – at least a hundred times each.  Probably more.  So, spinning chair videos!
IMG_6515 IMG_6517 (2)

Spin Me Now!  Please, Please! – video

Spin and Stop! – video

Aside from the spinning chair, Jace found some other cool places to ride.  He thought it was funny to sit in his car seat with the seat belt instead of the car seat buckles.  And he got to ride the horse at Grandma’s house.
IMG_6379 IMG_6380

Jace was so comfortable with Grandma, that Adam and I got to go out on dates!  We went on a movie date (Avengers 2 – Adam was so excited!), went to the arcade with Amelia, and went out for dinner twice!  Fun, fun, fun!

Jace also got a chance to spend some time with his cousins.  He had a great time chasing bubbles at the Sky Sox game.
IMG_7171 IMG_7175

His cousin, Ryanya, helped me frost faces on teddybear cupcakes for Jace’s birthday party.  His cousin, Christian, helped keep Jace occupied while we did the baking!
IMG_7190 IMG_7198

It was really cute seeing all the kids play together.  The stairs were a big hit.  Jace and Ryanya were pretty funny sliding and bouncing down the stairs together.
IMG_7211 IMG_7212 IMG_7230 IMG_7244

On Monday, we had a birthday party for Jace!  We went to Jump’n’Jacks.  Jace wasn’t too sure about it, but the older kids seemed to have a great time.  Jace liked riding around in the toy cars (though he kept trying to get out the “window” side).IMG_7250 IMG_7251

He wasn’t tall enough for the big slides, but we watched his cousins slide down (Ry, Christian, and Andre are in the picture!).  Jace thought the smaller slides – with Aunt Amelia – were more his speed.
IMG_7311 IMG_7312  IMG_7359 IMG_7389

The arcade games were a hit, as always (buttons you can push with your feet?!).IMG_7390 (1) IMG_7390 (3)IMG_7350IMG_7351

After bouncing, we headed to Kelly’s for lunch.  All of Jace’s favorite snack foods, plus pizza!  Yummy!  Plus, unlimited playing with microwave buttons AND a new kitty cat friend?!  Doesn’t get much better than that!
IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7400 (1) IMG_7400 (2)

He wasn’t crazy about the Happy Birthday song (too much attention, I think), but he was very happy to lick frosting off of cupcakes.
IMG_7421 IMG_7422 IMG_7423 IMG_7448

It was a great party!
Before we knew it, it was time to head for the airport.  Jace said his goodbyes to Grandma, then we headed inside to check out the airplanes.
IMG_7683 IMG_7694

As always, Jace was a great traveler.  He and his new kitty, Meow Meow, read some books on the first flight.  We found a great place to watch planes taking off during our layover.  And he enjoyed climbing around between seats on his last flights as a lap child.  On our second flight, Jace and Elmo played with the window during boarding and taxiing.  Jace watched out the window while we took off.  His nose was pressed against the window.  Then his forehead.  Then his cheek.  Then I realized he was sound asleep.  It was cute.  He slept most of the flight.
IMG_7714 IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_8207

We had a great trip!  Jace was happy to be home – and happy to see the animals – but I know he’s already missing all of his Colorado relatives!


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