Fishing, Carnivaling, and Baseballing

I have got to take less pictures.  This weekend was amazing – seriously – but I ended up with over 500 pictures.  Add in the fact that I didn’t post any pictures from the past week and that leaves me with about 700 pictures to sort through for this post.  Sigh!  I painstakingly narrowed it down to 48.  But starting tomorrow I am going to take fewer pictures!  And be more choosy about what pictures I post.  However, since I’m starting that goal tomorrow, here are the zillion pictures that I liked from the past week!

Sometimes Jace eats a banana during/after bath time.  It’s an added bonus when the banana still has the price sticker on it.  Jace loves stickers!
IMG_1234 (1) IMG_1234 (2)

The weather has been gorgeous so we’ve spent more time outside.  Jace is getting quite the tan.  I need to learn to re-apply sunscreen, I guess.  Despite the 85F weather, Jace wanted to keep his hood up the other day.  He would laugh so hard when I’d ask him where his eyes were….  He’d carefully point at his forehead and then laaaaugh.  ‘Course he also laughed when he loaded his doggies into the wagon and pushed them down the hill!  Eventually we had to cool off by watering the garden – a very wet job!
IMG_5252 IMG_5261 IMG_5263 IMG_5270

Our neighborhood has a little carnival each year.  It’s cute.  We put Jace on a couple rides.  Here’s a picture of Jace not enjoying the train ride.  And here’s a picture of Jace not enjoying the carousel.  Fun, fun.
IMG_5280 IMG_5321

Eventually we found a ride Jace liked – watching the carousel.  When it would stop, he’d adamantly yell “around, around, around” until it started again.
IMG_5328 IMG_5331

Jace won a stuffed kitty at the carnival.  When we left the carnival we stopped at the park on the walk home.  Jace had a great time.  Then we continued home and Jace learned about dandelions.  Quite exciting!
IMG_5354 IMG_6143

Jace is all about animals lately.  He likes to wear his bear hat and roar.  And when we headed to the park the next day, he grabbed his kitty and meowed the whole walk over.  IMG_5271 (4) IMG_5385

During our Friday night walk to Weis, Jace skinned his knees.  It was so sad!  It’s the worst road rash he’s gotten – lots of blood and quarter sized scabs on both knees.  Owwie.  Two band-aids made him feel better.  Curiously, he chose to put the band-aids on his feet, not his knees, but at least it made him happy!
IMG_5392 IMG_5393

Adam had to work Saturday and Sunday.  Buuuut, his company was having a fishing competition for kids on Saturday afternoon.  Adam took a few hours off to help Jace do some fishing!  We got a little Spiderman fishing rod for Jace and turned him loose.  He really liked smacking the water with the rod.  He liked the sound it made when we’d help him cast.  And he liked pouring the bait (minnows) back into the creek and watching them swim away.  Maybe we’ll focus on catching a fish next year!
IMG_5854 IMG_5868 IMG_5869 IMG_5871

One of the saddest moments of the day was when the train went past.  At first it was really exciting.  The train was only about 20 feet from us.  So close!  But then the train had to cross the highway.  And protocol dictates that there’s a lot of “choo-choo-ing” when that happens.  Very, very, very loud choo-choo-ing.  Poor Jace!  The lip was out.  And trembling.  But he kept it together!  And once the loud train was gone, we got right back to pretending to fish!
IMG_5872 (6) IMG_5872 (2)

Eventually, we discovered Jace’s favorite type of fishing.  We switched out the hook for a fish-shaped practice weight.  We’d hold the rod in the air and let Jace push the release button.  The fish would drop to the ground and Jace would laugh.  Then he’d reel it in and do it again.  Very cute.  Eventually, Jace and I joined the rest of the kids at the food table.  When we glanced back at the river it was pretty funny to see all the dads and grandpas out there fishing – with 2′ long Spiderman and Disney Princess fishing rods!
IMG_5872 (7) IMG_5872 (8) IMG_5872 (9) IMG_5872 (10)

After the competition ended, there was a raffle.  Jace was a big winner!  His name got called three times.  The first time, he won a really cool t-ball set.  He was excited to play with the ball right away.  I was excited at the prospect of playing t-ball.  Next, he won a gift card for ice cream.  And finally, he won a fishing vest!  Super cute!
IMG_5885 IMG_5888 IMG_5894 IMG_5906  IMG_5919 IMG_5922

After an exciting afternoon, Jace was ready for a nap.  Adam made it home from work and made me a cake for Mother’s Day.  Jace was supposed to help, but he was too sleepy.  He did wake up in time to help lick the beaters though.
IMG_5942 IMG_5956

Jace was so energized from his nap that we headed out to the carnival again.  We spent a long time playing with dandelions on the walk over….
IMG_5961 IMG_5959

Then we spent some time checking out the “petting zoo”.IMG_5970 IMG_5973

A few of our friends were at the carnival, so we tried some rides again.  The bounce house was okay.  The car ride was acceptable.  And the train was slightly more fun when he got to ride next to Cara.
IMG_5986 IMG_5997 IMG_5993 IMG_5995

But the big hit of the evening was the carousel.  He loved it!
IMG_6068 IMG_6038

Mother’s Day happened to be the same day as the IronPiglets pre-game parade, so we headed over to Coca-Cola Park to watch the IronPigs.  Adam only had to work 5 hours (and really early!), so he got to go to the game too.  After the parade, Jace decorated a tote bag for me while I got a manicure (at the game!).  Then we hung out on the grass, watched some baseball, and ate some ice cream.  It was a great Mother’s Day!
IMG_6241 IMG_6252 IMG_6272 IMG_6283

And that concludes our spectacular weekend!  Saturday was one of the best days ever.  Really!  The fishing tournament was adorable and it was fun to spend the evening at the carnival.  Fun, fun, fun!  And then to follow it up with a day at the ball park?!  Awesome!


2 thoughts on “Fishing, Carnivaling, and Baseballing

  1. So for some perspective, or from one of your loyal blog followers (for life)… You could seriously do a blog of all puctures- it’d be ok- trust me! There’s no such thing as too many pictures!! You could even do a post of pictures without words, the pictures reveal a story.. I could make one up.. 😉

    I like seeing everything!

    Happy Mother’s Day to a great mom!!
    I want to live closer!!!

  2. Some day, Jace will be able to read this blog and find out what an amazing and exciting life he had when he was little, how much his parents loved him, and how many exciting and varied activities he was exposed to, so early in his life. Seriously, from the many trips to Crayola, to play group at home, to family trips to see Ninja Turtles, you guys are more active than any family with a toddler that I’ve ever known. Happy Mother’s Day, SR! And Jace is so adorable. It’s so fun to learn about his personality, likes and dislikes, and his many adventures and experiences from this blog. I don’t comment every time, but I promise you, I look at and read every post, and have updated my picture of Jace many times, lifting pictures from your blog. He’s so darn cute. Love, WAL

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