Maine and Playgrounds (looong)

We went to Maine this weekend!  The states up here are so tiny!  We drove out of Pennsylvania, across New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, the corner of New Hampshire, and into Maine.  That’s a lot of states!  That being said, it did take a while (7 hours, due to traffic).  Jace did great in the car.  Who wouldn’t be entertained shoving pom poms into a plastic container while the sun blasts you in the face?! IMG_4606 IMG_4607

We stopped for dinner at the Desert Moon Cafe.  That place is awesome!  We had great memories from our stop there last year and were a bit worried it wouldn’t measure up.  The food was delish, the service was great, the ice cream was yummy, and the manager even gave Jace a little sombrero.  SUCH a great stop!
IMG_4617 IMG_4620 IMG_4626 IMG_4630

Desert Moon Cafe – May 2014 and May 2015….  Jace got so big!
IMG_4630a IMG_4631 (1)

We didn’t have any big plans our first day in Maine, so we did some exploring.  It was a bit cool, but very comfortable if you wore a jacket.  We were headed to the beach, but the tide was in and the water came all the way up to the parking lot!  We hung out at a nearby park for a while instead.  And Jace loved it.  The see-saw was a hit! IMG_4640 (1) IMG_4640 (3)
IMG_4640 (34)

After playing on it for a bit, he started getting really brave….  No hands!IMG_4640 (13) IMG_4640 (14)

He and Adam played on the playground equipment.  Jace is a pretty good climber!  Eventually he went back to the slide and swings – his playground staples.
IMG_4643 IMG_4648   IMG_4664 IMG_4659

Climbing and Distracted – video
I took this video to show off Jace’s impressive climbing ability.  However, he gets completely distracted in the middle and stops climbing at the first platform.  What distracted him?!  His Daddy getting completely engrossed in the cool playground equipment.  Ha!

A Lap at the Playground – video
After I showed Adam the above video, he decided to take his own video.  So here ya go – Jace climbing, walking, and sliding!

Eventually we left the playground and headed back to the beach.  The tide had gone out, so there was lots of beach available for walking.  Yay!
IMG_4683 IMG_4684a

After the beach, it was nap time.  Jace dozed in the car while Adam checked out Shellback Artwork (the comic store dedicated to Ninja Turtles and the reason for our whole trip).  When Jace woke up it was time to head to another playground!  I am posting more playground pictures because I thought this was a cool park.  Look how close it is to the ocean!  It’s like you’re sliding and swinging right off the coast!
IMG_4715 IMG_4716 IMG_4759 (4) IMG_4759 (5)IMG_4738 IMG_4758 IMG_4759 (2) IMG_4759 (3)

Jace loved the spinning thing in the above pictures.  Adam and I played on it with him for a while and quickly realized that we get dizzy easily.  Gag.  A few minutes of spinning (or maybe just one?) was enough to have us feeling queasy for the next hour.  Jace, on the other hand, had a great time.  He liked pointing out the moon every time he’d spin back around to the ocean.

Around and Around – video
It made me dizzy just watching him spin!  But he liked it.  When we’d stop spinning him, he’d ask for more!

As much as Jace likes swings, slides, and spinning, his favorite playtime activity is chase.  He looooves to be chased.  In fact, if you’re chasing and you haven’t caught him in a while, he’ll slow down to let you catch up.  These videos aren’t exactly “chase” videos, but you get the idea.  You can tell Jace loves it from his laugh!

Playing with Daddy (1) – video

Playing with Daddy (2) – video

After a really fun day of playing, playing, playing, we grabbed some dinner.  Jace stole my slice of pizza and chewed all the cheese off the front.  Then he used my spoon as a support to keep his balance on the table and ate my ice cream straight from the dish!
IMG_4780 (1) IMG_4780 (3)

The next morning, Adam headed to Shellback to get in line while Jace and I dozed.  I thought packing up the hotel room was going to be rough, but that’s before I remembered what a great helper Jace is!  He’s awesome!  He was very excited to throw things in suitcases, zip things, and then drag suitcases to the car.  He actually insisted on dragging both suitcases all the way from the hotel room to the car.  Super cute and, actually, super helpful!
IMG_4781 IMG_4782

We made it to Shellback and hung out in line with Adam.  There was a Ninja Turtle there for photo ops, but Jace wasn’t too sure about that….  He didn’t like the turtle to get too far away, but he also didn’t like the turtle to get closer than about 5 feet….  IMG_4784 IMG_4786 (1)

So we spent our time in line monitoring the location of the turtle, hitting buttons on the pinball machine, and keeping our energy up with Orange Julius (oh my goodness, those things are delicious!).
IMG_4789 IMG_4792

After the signing (which was pretty successful!), we headed for home.  Jace fell asleep within 10 minutes.  Nap time starting at 4:30pm sounds good, right?  He woke up around 6:30pm and we found a Chick fil A with a play area.  Jace used up a bunch of energy and loved his kids meal.  We used to just share pieces of our meals, but if I do that now, I don’t get to eat!  We traded in the kids meal toy for an ice cream.  Jace was really excited.  For about a minute.  Then he tipped the cone too far and all the ice cream fell out.  It was so sad!  You can see my reflection in the second picture – with a hand full of ice cream.  Poor Jace.  But we shared some of our ice cream, so he was happy.  ‘Course all that sugar didn’t make him very interested in falling asleep once we got back in the car.  Then again, it’s not like he sleeps anyways!
IMG_5099 IMG_5106

The drive went well.  Any time we’d go through a tunnel or across a big bridge with fun overhead arches, Jace was fascinated.  When we’d reach the other side, he’d say “ghen!”  Very cute.  Unrealistic, but cute!

We got back to Pennsylvania and it’s gorgeous weather!  HURRAY!  So, here are some more park pictures.  We like parks.
IMG_5110 (1) IMG_5110 (2)

Jace really likes this slider thing.  He holds on and you walk back and forth while he drags the slider.  Not exactly the way it was designed, but it sure makes him happy!
IMG_5112 IMG_5113

We got a new hose – and a new nozzle.  Jace loves it!  We set it on “mist” and let him go crazy.
IMG_5134 IMG_5175

Monday was another gorgeous day, so we headed to another park.  Jace put his sunglasses on all by himself.  And wouldn’t let me adjust them.  He finally got them straightened out while he was on the swing.
IMG_5189 IMG_5205

We had a picnic lunch under really pretty trees.
IMG_5206 IMG_5208 IMG_5207 IMG_5209

That afternoon, Jace picked me yet another handful of dandilions (I love it every time!) and then we got the hose out again.  Our new game?  I write a bunch of letters on the driveway while Jace holds the hose.  Then I call out a letter, he finds the letter, and he blasts it with the hose until it’s erased.  He’s getting really good with his letters!
IMG_5224 IMG_5229

I’ll try to slow down with all the playground pictures.  He’s just so cute and he’s so happy at the parks!  And that’s it for now.  More soon, I’m sure!


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