A Golf Ball, a Kickball, and Some Baseball

The weather got warmer!  Hurray!!!!  It’s very exciting.  We had some friends over to play on Tuesday.  The animals and the track were a huge hit.  Then we decided to take advantage of the great weather (yaaaaay!).  We announced that we were walking to the park, and Jace was off!  He led the way.  It’s pretty cute.  He knows where to turn, he knows where we can usually find the neighborhood kitties, and he knows the locations of all the storm drains (because no walk would be complete without tossing sticks in storm drains). 
IMG_4208IMG_4212 IMG_4218

We had a great time at the park and Jace walked the whole way home!  I figured he’d be tired out from our active morning.  Nope!  He wouldn’t go down for his nap.  Would not.  So we drove around and checked out some other parks in the area.  One of them looked like fun, so we stopped to play for a short bit.  We ended up spending almost two hours playing at the new park!  We were walking around the open area by the park and we found a golf ball.  It was unbelievably exciting.  Jace played fetch with himself on the blacktop for a solid 20 minutes.  That darn golf ball has gone everywhere with us for the last two days.  Simple pleasures.  It makes him so happy!
IMG_4268 IMG_4279
IMG_4230 IMG_4236 IMG_4239 IMG_4243 IMG_4257 IMG_4264

A few days ago, Jace helped me make blueberry muffins.  He did a great job cracking the eggs, stirring the batter, and putting the muffin liners in the tray.  When I started to make pancakes for breakfast the next day, Jace let me know that stirring is now officially his job.  I have such a cute sous chef!

Jace loves dipping sauces.  When we have pancakes he likes to dip in syrup.  Makes sense.  But when I put the syrup on the table today, Jace shouted “away, away”.  Apparently today was a dip-your-pancakes-in-ketchup type of day.  I ate mine dry.
IMG_4289 IMG_4291

After breakfast, it was time to head to the park again.  I asked Jace if he was ready to go and he said no.  He ran back into the house and came back a few seconds later with a kick ball.  He was so happy!  The pancake/ketchup combo didn’t tide Jace over very well, so we had a snack.  We have these new tupperware containers that have two separate sections.  That means we can pack veggie straws AND guacamole in the same container and they don’t get all mixed up.  It’s awesome!
IMG_4297 IMG_4320

We met up with our friends at the park.  Jace had a great time on the slides.  He also had a great time cheering his friend down the slide!
IMG_4305 IMG_4311

Jace and Cara checked out the dandelions.  And then spent some time staring at the kickball and the golf ball.  I didn’t get it, but they stood there for such a long time that I took a picture….  They’re funny.
IMG_4312 IMG_4315

Today was a baseball day!  There are a few games a year when the IronPigs play at 10:35am.  The early start time makes it perfect for school field trips.  Jace and I invited a bunch of our friends and we all headed to the game.  We used Jace’s IronPiglet ticket to get in.  It was a GORGEOUS day for baseball!  We watched some of the game, played on the hill, checked out the playground, climbed up and down (and up and down and up and down) the stairs, and had some snacks with our friends.  We made it the whole 9 innings – and the IronPigs won!  GREAT morning at the ballpark!

And now it’s home to pack for our next adventure!


2 thoughts on “A Golf Ball, a Kickball, and Some Baseball

  1. Umm I’ll need to talk to Jace about this stirring thing.. Maybe he can stir all things.. But chocolate chip cookie dough- you let him know you have a designated stirrer already!!!!!! Just sayin.. He’s almost 2, he’ll understand. Just hand the boy some ketchup to console him- and fries! NOT pancakes. Next step- dipping and things that go in the dip dip sauce! Lol. Too funny!

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