Fun with Friends

What a week!  I need to post more often.  Or take fewer pictures.  Or we need to do fewer activities.  Hmmmmm.  I’ll try to keep this short!

Last week we went to the Da Vinci Science Museum with some friends.  It was fun!  Jace’s favorite attractions were: the wall of pins – you could make impressions of your hand/face/arm/whatever and view them from the other side, a heavy chair on rollers (minimal friction) that you could slide and ride on, the cab of a Mack Truck, make-your-own peanut butter bird feeders, a really cool tunnel (no pictures), the aquarium, and…. the water table!
IMG_3752 IMG_3753 IMG_3754 IMG_3755 IMG_3759 IMG_3760

The water table was a huge hit.  Jace liked launching the ducks down the “river” and then fishing them out at the bottom.
IMG_3767 IMG_3770

Here’s a picture of the boys playing (Liam, Jace, Mathis, and Graham).

Jace really likes his new couches.  The cats still feel like the couches belong to them, but Jace has learned how to deal with that….!
IMG_3821 IMG_3824 IMG_3842 IMG_3844

Car Keys and the Trunk – video
Jace likes keys.  He especially likes the car key.  He recently learned how to open the trunk.  It’s a fun game.  We play it a lot.  A lot.

We met some friends at Force Academy for open gym.  Jace had a great time playing with the foam blocks.
IMG_3863 IMG_3864

He wasn’t exactly thrilled when Ella and Carter decided to join him and play with the foam blocks.  But it made for a cute picture.

We hadn’t been to Crayola in a while, so we headed over there this week with our friends Heather and Cara (next to Jace in the picture).  Crayola is putting in a new exhibit, so that could be fun.  For now, the toddler climbing area is still the best.
IMG_3873 IMG_3874

It’s finally park weather.  Well, sometimes.  One day will be nice and sunny, the next is cold and windy.  It’s borderline park weather.  But we headed out on one of the nicer days and had a great time!
IMG_3879 IMG_3880 (1) IMG_3880 (3)

Jace got a new toy.  I don’t quite understand the fascination, but he loooooves this pool noodle.  Adam thinks it’s because it’s taller than Jace is, but Jace can still control it.  He does like to use it to smack things!  Cute, cute.
IMG_3880 (5) IMG_3880 (6)

Big news for the week – we switched Jace to a toddler bed!

It’s not like he sleeps anyways, so the switch wasn’t much of a disruption.  Plus, Jace loves the freedom!  It was a bit of a surprise the first night when we thought he was sleeping and instead he was standing in the hallway – with his bear – marveling at his freedom.  But we’ve transitioned pretty well and I think it’s been a good switch!
IMG_4079 IMG_4082

A Toddler Bed – video

We ran some errands this weekend.  Jace fell in love with this little green chair.  He dragged it around the store for a while, then decided he wanted to sit in it.  But not just sit in it on the floor, oh no, he wanted to sit in it while he was carried around the store.  He’s ridiculous!  But apparently all the chair-riding wore him out, ’cause he took a pretty decent nap on our drive back to the house.  I thought it was cute that he fell asleep with his arms up behind the head rest of the car seat.
IMG_4115 IMG_4116

Here are two pictures of the game Adam and Jace were playing tonight.  When I first walked in and saw Jace tangled up in his mesh laundry bag, I though Adam was being mean.  But then, Jace broke free, stood up, handed the bag to Adam, and said “ghen!”  Guess he was having fun!
IMG_4172 IMG_4176

And lastly, Adam and Jace both got haircuts.  They look very handsome (and cute).  Jace’s hair is a bit crazy in the pictures, but it really does look good.  I liked these pictures.  Adam and Jace have so much fun together!
IMG_4179 IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4189


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