Comic Con and IronPigs

This weekend was Adam’s birthday!  It was a three-day event….

On Friday, Jace and I played with our friends.  For Easter, Ella got a slide-into-an-inflatable-pool-filled-with-balls.  There’s probably a better name for that, but I don’t know what it is.  Anyways, we went to check it out – and had a great time!  When we came home, I started fixing lunch while Jace waited at the door for Cuervo to come inside.  Cuervo came inside, I unhooked his collar, and went back to the kitchen.  Jace always closes the door after Cuervo.  This time, he apparently decided to step outside before he closed the door.  I glanced around the corner to check on him – and he was standing on the back porch!  Oops.  Guess I’ll have to watch for that from now on….

When Adam got home from work, it was time for the birthday celebration to begin!  Jace and I used mini sparkler candles on his cake.  They were kinda cool, but they took a loooong time to light and they burned really quickly.  We finally got all the candles lit and Adam made a wish.  As soon as the candles were blown out, Jace said “again”!  Ha.  No.  We did light one of the candles a few times so Jace could play.  Then he moved on from playing with the candle to sticking his fingers in the frosting on the cake….IMG_3094 IMG_3097 IMG_3102 IMG_3104

Which eventually led to this picture.  I think this picture is hilarious.  Adam was trying to look mad because Jace just kept sticking his fingers in the cake.  But Jace thought the mad look was funny and he just kept laughing really hard.

Jace and I took a zillion pictures of ourselves.  It was fun and Jace is cute.  Then we headed to bed so we could get up early for the East Coast Comic Con!

Well, getting up early didn’t happen.  But we slept in, had a relaxing breakfast, then headed for Secaucus, NJ.  It was a nice drive and we got to the show by 11am.  Adam met up with his friends, dropped off comics, got signatures, picked out some art, and was ready for a lunch break by 12:30.  Yay!  Jace “posed” for some pictures at lunch.  I think it’s funny when he leans back on his arms like that.
IMG_3109 IMG_3140

Jace didn’t want to take a nap, so we spent the afternoon/early evening at the con.  Jace did some coloring and then attempted to trade in his bear for a Ninja Turtle (ultimately he decided on the bear instead of the Ninja Turtle, so that was good).
IMG_3142 IMG_3143

There were a lot of people walking around in costumes.  Jace liked to stare at them, but didn’t really recognize any of the characters….  Until we saw SPIDER-MAN!  Jace was so excited!  And then he was sooooo shy.  We ran into Spider-man multiple times during the day and each time Jace would shriek, stare, approach slowly, and then stop about 5 feet away.  The guy in the costume was amazingly patient, but Jace was just so shy!  Eventually Spider-man just picked him up and put him in his lap.  Jace wasn’t really sure what to think of that!

After hanging out with Spider-man, we moved on to Jace’s favorite activity.  Walking up and down ramps and stairs.  Over and over and over.  But the weather was nice and Jace was happy, so it was pretty good.
IMG_3145 (1) IMG_3145 (2) IMG_3145 (3) IMG_3146 (1)
IMG_3146 (2) IMG_3146 (3)

We left the show and headed to Chipotle for dinner (yum) and then went to Carlo’s Bake Shop – the bakery from the TV show Cake Boss.  I got a cupcake and Jace licked all the frosting off the top!  Then he ate the sprinkles off the cookie.  Then he helped Adam with his chocolate-covered, peanut butter-filled ice cream.  No nap and then a ton of sugar at 8pm?  Good plan.  But he was so tired that he konked out in the car once we were back on the highway and slept the rest of the ride home.
IMG_3165 IMG_3185

The next morning, Jace (and the cats) got to play with one of Adam’s birthday presents – a Ninja Turtle mini-couch.  Yay!
IMG_3282 IMG_3283

Jacen’s grandpa is in town right now, so he spent the day with us.  We headed to the IronPigs game.  It was bright out, so Jace wore his new sunglasses.  Cute!  He was a bit shy with his grandpa for a few minutes, but warmed up pretty quickly!IMG_3299 IMG_3300

Jace had a great time at the game.  He rode the Coca-Cola pig, joined the IronPiglets Kids Club (and got his free shirt), and played at the playground.IMG_3301 IMG_3308 IMG_3310 IMG_3318

It was dog day, so Jace got to meet a lot of doggies.
IMG_3330 IMG_3346

We headed out to grab some food and Rich volunteered to stay with the bags and blankets.  I came back with the food during the seventh inning stretch.  Guess this is his version of the “stretch”!  But he did wake up in time to eat his bacon-wrapped hot dog.IMG_3359 IMG_3364

After the game we played outside.  The weather was great!  Jace colored with chalk, played in the yard, and ended up incredibly dirty.  This was the second day in a row with no nap, so Jace was a bit cranky by dinner time.  But he perked up for bath time – which was good ’cause we skipped bath time yesterday.  So, now he’s all nice and clean and sound (?) asleep.  Today was a perfect day at the ballpark and a great end to Adam’s birthday weekend!


2 thoughts on “Comic Con and IronPigs

  1. You got a cute little turtle there! The cake turned out amazing! Happy birthday adam! Teaching jace about comic cons young is probably good 😉 you know, prepare him for the future you know with his dad?!?! He looks like he’s bff’s with spidey! I hope adam didn’t get jealous!

    My vote it for more jace (and you) selfies! Go baseball! Touchdown! J/k!! Homerun!!

    Looks more great adventures! Can’t wait for to hear about the next ones!!!

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