Cuervo, Doggies, and Sunglasses

Jace and Cuervo are friends.  Jace likes to chase Cuervo and hug Cuervo.  Cuervo likes when Jace gives him treats.  Or when he spills food.  It’s a good relationship.  Here are two pictures.  When I got out of the shower the other day, Cuervo and Jace were both hanging out in Cuervo’s kennel.  Then, we took Cuervo to check out a new day camp facility.  After six years of being relegated to the backseat, Cuervo still tries to ride back there while we’re driving.  Jace thought it was funny.
IMG_2701 IMG_2704

Our weather is finally starting to feel spring-ish!  Jace and I walked to the park to meet Becky and Ella.  Jace couldn’t leave the house without his wagon filled with his animals.  When we got to the park we learned that Ella couldn’t leave the house without TWO big bouncy balls.  So I guess they both like their toys.  Jace and Ella were pretty cute running around in the field together.  The park is so much fun now that Jace is a bit more independent – and stable on his feet!
IMG_2714 IMG_2717

We headed to the mailbox and the grocery store that afternoon.  And of course the wagon and doggies came with again.  Jace is usually too tired to walk home from the park/grocery store, so we take the stroller.  The wagon and doggies ride underneath.

We got Jace a pair of sunglasses.  Cute, cute, cute!
IMG_2737 IMG_2738 IMG_2739 IMG_2740 IMG_2741 IMG_2742

Jace is back to not sleeping.  It took me multiple nights to get these pictures in order, so I’m going to have to wait to post the Easter pics later.  But Jace did have a fun Easter!


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