More Pre-Easter Activities

Over the weekend, we headed to “Where the Wild Eggs Are” at the Wildlands Conservancy.  I think Jace will really like that event.  Next year.  This year?  This year he was a bit young and the weather was freezing, so we didn’t stay long.  Jace liked checking out the turtle at the indoor area.  Then he and I spent a long time walking around in some leaves.  He had zero interest in hunting for eggs, so Adam went and found an egg for us.  The eggs were all decorated like animals and hidden along the paths.  We ended up with the pink pig.   
IMG_2528IMG_2543 IMG_2546IMG_2519 IMG_2555

Before heading home, we went inside to get the goodie bag (tree seedling, butterfly feeder kit, and bookmark kit) and free book.  Jace was pretty excited because right next to the table with free books was …. a bunny!
IMG_2575 IMG_2567 IMG_2571

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key.  I liked the picture of Adam and Jace.  And this other picture shows the new skill I taught Jace during dinner – our new pasta is big enough that you can slide it over your fingers.  Makes it much more fun to eat.
IMG_2522 IMG_2523

We did run into the Easter Bunny during one of our outings (randomly, it was awesome!).  Jace was fascinated, but didn’t want to get too close….
IMG_2615 IMG_2619

Monday, we headed to Crayola.  We hadn’t been in a while.  It was crowded!  Apparently the closer it gets to summer, the more crowded Crayola will be.  I guess that might be a winter activity for us.  Luckily, there wasn’t much of a crowd at any of Jace’s three favorite activities: pushing buttons on the lockers, walking up and down the ramps, and going up and down the mini-staircases.  Fun stuff.  
IMG_2603 IMG_2606

We did play in Toddler Town for a little while.  Jace climbed over the mesh triangles in the jungle gym for the first time!  Yay!  He went over and back twice before deciding he’d had enough.  We said hi to the Easter Bunny, then headed home for lunch.
IMG_2594 IMG_2602

Today we colored Easter eggs!  We went to Ella’s house.  Her cousin, Carter, was there too.  We tried some different techniques – holding the eggs in whisks so you don’t have to touch the dye, crayons/rubberbands/stickers to block the dye, and then lots of creative dye colors.  It was fun and, surprisingly, not too messy.

After nap, we decided to try coloring eggs on our own.  I wanted to try the Cool Whip technique.  Here are pictures of our finished eggs.  The ones on the left are from the morning session with Ella and Carter (see how cool they look where we had star stickers?!).  The ones on the right are from our afternoon session at home.
IMG_2677 IMG_2676

And now, the pictures from our afternoon….  Overall, the Cool Whip project went pretty well.  My first clue that things were going to get messy happened right away.  I put some Cool Whip in the pan and set the pan on the floor.  And Jace started to take off his socks.  I tried to explain to him that we were going to dip eggs, not toes.  He was quite confused and suggested he just keep his socks on and dip his feet like that.  I then had to convince him that we were just dipping eggs.  When worked out okay eventually.  And we colored the eggs.  Mess was incredibly minimal – just a bit of food coloring on the fingers.  Then I tried to clean up….

Jace was SO GOOD while I was cleaning up.  He was sitting quietly right around the corner.  I washed out the pan, cleaned up the eggs, put away the food coloring, and then went to check on him.  He was playing at the foot of the pantry.  He likes to take things off the shelves and then put them back.  But today?  Today he figured out how to open the flour contain.  Sigh!
   IMG_2633 IMG_2635  IMG_2636  IMG_2641

What a mess!  I went to grab the vacuum.  While I was vacuuming, Jace dug through the bottom drawer (our junk drawer) and found a sucker.  He was so happy!  Then he saw the bottle of shaving cream.  I was going to use shaving cream to color the eggs, but read that Cool Whip was safer if you planned on eating the eggs.  Which meant I had an extra can of shaving cream.  Jace made sure that didn’t go to waste! IMG_2651 IMG_2660

I put some shaving cream in a pan and the socks were off instantly.  Then he got his hands into the mix.  Then he discovered that clapping while you have shaving cream in your hands is pretty entertaining.  Then he discovered that you can watch your reflection in the oven door while you’re clapping with hands full of shaving cream.  Fun, fun, fun!
IMG_2655 IMG_2656  IMG_2668 IMG_2662 IMG_2667 IMG_2666

Adam called to say he was on his way home, so we frantically (FRANTICALLY) cleaned up the kitchen.  We were 95% clean when Adam got home.  Clean enough for playtime!
IMG_2670 IMG_2673

Lastly, here’s a picture of Jace with his latest fascination.  He loooooves choo-choo trains.  There’s a train that does a loop above the dairy section at Wegman’s and Jace would watch it all day if I let him.  You can hear the whistle on the train from anywhere in the store, which provides a nice and constant reminder of the presence of the train.  We go watch the “choo-choo” after each item on our list, I think.  It makes for long shopping trips, but Jace really likes it!  And the second picture shows our weather this evening.  More snow!  It was falling in gigantic flakes (very pretty).  We’re supposed to hit 64F on Thursday, so I don’t imagine it’ll stick.  Snow today and hopefully the playground on Thursday!


One thought on “More Pre-Easter Activities

  1. This is why parenting is for young people! I get tired just reading about the stuff you guys do in one day! Sounds fun, though (although, wow, what a mess)! 🙂 wall (p.s. I’m so glad the fleece and blue sweatshirt worked out so well. What size is Jace for springtime? I have an idea!

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