A Long Walk (and an even longer post – with videos!)

Well, it felt spring-like for a little while, but it’s definitely cold again now.  Colder (and wetter) weather means more time to play inside.  Jace and I have been loving the new table.  I really wanted a wooden one, but then we found this plastic table (and chairs) on craigslist for a ridiculously cheap price.  So we tried it.  And it’s great!  Plastic means it doesn’t hurt (much) when Jace falls into the table, the table and chairs together weigh almost nothing so it’s easy to move, when Jace gets aggressive with a metal fork or a ballpoint pen it doesn’t scratch, and clean up after meals and crafts is super easy.  Loving the table!
IMG_2260 IMG_2267

Our new activity is painting with water.  We got two paint books and have been having lots of fun.  Jace likes to dip the brush in water and then run his fingers across the bristles so it mists his face.  Silly!
IMG_2272 IMG_2271

We played with blocks and Jace practiced his balance.  Then we took advantage of the tiny bit of afternoon sun to go outside and wait for Adam to get home from work.  Jace really likes the garage door.  There’s a whole poster at the library warning kids about the dangers of playing with a garage door, but Jace wants to play anyways.  He really likes pushing the button on the car remote and watching the door go up and down (and up and down and up and down).
IMG_2316 IMG_2328

The Magic Garage Door – video

When Adam did get home, he had a Slurpee with him.  Jace has definitely inherited Adam’s love of Slurpees.  Who knew it was genetic?  It’s straight sugar, so Jace doesn’t get much, but he feels pretty smug when he manages to steal the straw….IMG_2473 IMG_2475

The next morning, I came up with an awful idea.  Jace said he wanted to paint.  Fine.  Then Jace took off all his clothes and pointed at his feet.  Fine.  So I spread out our paint mat (which, incidentally, has a few holes in it), got out a canvas, and poured out some paint.  Not fine.  Terrible idea.  Paint + plastic = slippery.  Really slippery!  Jace had fun for the first few colors, but then things got messy.  He was sliding all over the place, sat down in the blue paint (more like fell down), and then called to all the animals who, apparently, also wanted to do some painting.  Messy, messy, messy.  Not many pictures ’cause I put down my phone once things got crazy.
IMG_2347 IMG_2349

Painting with Feet – video

When I finally got everyone cleaned up, I suggested we head upstairs to find some clothes for Jace.  Jace insisted on finishing his pancakes first.  He threw the last bite to Cuervo (as usual).  He was about to head upstairs, but then he realized that Cuervo still seemed very interested in his plate.  There was nothing left but a big puddle of syrup.  Jace couldn’t pick it up with his fingers and he’d already eaten all his pancake, so he took a cue from Cuervo and licked his plate.  Cuervo was disappointed!
IMG_2355 IMG_2358

We did eventually get dressed for the day and we headed out to do some shopping.  Here’s a picture of Jace’s finished masterpiece.  And then a picture of Jace’s favorite item we found while shopping.  Luckily he was persuaded to leave the gigantic Elmo in the store in favor of some teddy grahams for snack in the car.IMG_2374 IMG_2368

After ending up with ketchup all over his shirt at dinner, Jace traded in the shirt for a paintbrush.  He and Adam painted some Spiderman pictures.
IMG_2376 IMG_2391

And that is where this post should end.  But it doesn’t.  Because I was lazy and didn’t get the post finished, then Jace and I went on a super long walk yesterday and I ended up with a zillion pictures that I think are adorable.  So, here are a zillion pictures.

Thursday afternoon was cold and misty.  Adam had to work really late, so Jace and I decided to check the mail on our own.  Jace really likes carrying the keys to the mailbox, finding the right box, putting the key in the lock, grabbing the mail, and carrying everything back to the house.  He’s pretty good at it!  This time, however, he didn’t want to stop when we got back to the house.  He left the mail on the driveway and headed towards the pile of snow at the end of the cul-de-sac.  We played there for a while, then headed towards the path.  And we walked and walked and walked.  I reminded Jace that he had pockets on his jacket.  He was so excited!  Having your hands in your pockets detracts a bit from your balance, I guess, so his walking got a bit shaky.  But he was so happy and so cute!
IMG_2403 IMG_2412 IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2419 IMG_2420 IMG_2422 IMG_2423 IMG_2424

Ah, so cute!  Eventually, I realized Jace was headed for the playground.  The playground was full of puddles (very fun) and wet slides (less fun).  I tried to dry everything off, but it didn’t go very well.  Then Jace used his mittens to dry things off, which left him with cold hands.  But he was so excited to see the slides!  He pointed and asked “wheeee?”  When I nodded he shouted “wheeeeee!” and ran to the stairs.

Slides are Fun – video

I’m so excited for playground weather!  We’re going to have tons of fun this summer!  After playing for a while on the slide (just the one, ’cause it was the only one I dried off – and you can see how wet Jace got despite my best efforts), we headed to the swings.  Jace had fun until a group of boys showed up to play football in the field near the swings.  Jace was so distracted I had to turn him around in the swing so he could watch the action!  He would clap when they’d throw the ball and point and say “ball!” any time the ball ended up on the ground.  Very helpful, I’m sure!
IMG_2435 IMG_2444  IMG_2448 IMG_2452

When I finally decided we needed to head for home, Jace was very disappointed.  He cried for a while, then realized that I was going to carry him home.  It was pretty cold so he snuggled in and we had a nice walk back.

Today was another great day.  Jace showed no interest in (or tolerance for) heading to the library, so we just stayed home.  We played with play dough.  Cuervo demonstrated that he is not smarter than a baby gate (seriously – he thought he was stuck on the stairs and whimpered for a good 10 minutes before Cody knocked the gate further open).  Jace watched me run up and down the stairs doing laundry.  And then he played with toys while I cleaned the kitchen after lunch.
IMG_2479 IMG_2457   IMG_2489 IMG_2486

Adam got home, we cooked up a pizza for dinner, and then it was time for bath.  Here’s a super adorable bath time video.  And then this insanely long post is finished!  Easter activities tomorrow, so I had to post tonight before I ended up with even MORE pictures!

Bath Time ABCs – video
They’re only 8 letters in, but Jace is doing pretty well.  Some of those letters are tricky to say.  He likes pointing out his favorite letters (A, B, D) when we see them in books or on signs.  Adam is so great at bath time.  And Jace has so much fun!


One thought on “A Long Walk (and an even longer post – with videos!)

  1. CUTEST LITTLE GUY EVER!!!! And so smart! Not even two and already learning his ABCs. That’s amazing! You guys are such good parents. I love that you’re having so much fun with him. xoxo wal

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