Walking and an Easter Egg Hunt

We got a new table!  I haven’t figured out the ideal location yet, but I really like it.  Jace isn’t too sure….  It took some convincing to get him to try out the chairs.  But still, I love having a table for crafts and snacks where I’m not constantly worried about Jace falling off the chair (again and again).  We tested out the table with some play dough.  As long as we have the kitty and doggie cookie cutters, Jace has a good time.
IMG_2123 IMG_2127 IMG_2131

As you know, we really like walking to Weis, our grocery store.  It’s a pretty short walk and really nice when the weather is decent.  After our 6″ snow storm, the sidewalks finally cleared up.  We headed to Weis (with the stroller, of course), and Jace decided he felt like walking.  And he walked the entire way from our house to Weis!  Yay Jace!  We got to the store, picked out a Jace-sized shopping cart, and headed inside.  About five steps later, Jace decided he’d rather sit in the stroller and have a snack than do any more walking.  Fine with me, but it did mean that Adam got to push the “Customer In Training” cart around the store with all our groceries.
IMG_2146 IMG_2147

Adam and Jace have developed a new game.  Jace says “na na” and Adam tickles him.  Jace took the game to the next level today – now he hides before saying “na na” and Adam has to find him.  I love Jace’s ideas of hiding spots.  So cute!
IMG_2155 IMG_2157

This weekend was the big Easter egg hunt.  After minutes of practice over the past few weeks, Jace was ready.  Due to the snow, the eggs were hidden inside.  “Hidden” isn’t really the right word for the 0-2 year group, but it did seem age appropriate.
IMG_2174 IMG_2175

Once the bunny had finished hopping around, the kids were allowed to start collecting eggs.  It was a slow process (there were eggs on the ground for a solid 10 minutes!), but I think Jace had a good time.
IMG_2177 IMG_2187

Here’s the closest we got to a picture of Jace with the Easter Bunny!
IMG_2188 IMG_2198

After the eggs had been collected, Jace learned something really cool.  Plastic eggs generally have prizes in them!  Prior to this, he didn’t know they opened (ours at home are still sealed with Angry Birds wrappers).  Discovering the prizes was pretty exciting.  Jace liked the tattoos, stickers, plastic frogs, and other trinkets, but he was the most excited about the CHOCOLATE EGGS.  He’s pretty quick at getting the foil off of candy!  It was a fun, toddler-friendly event and Jace did a great job.  Now he’s definitely ready for Easter!
IMG_2212IMG_2225 IMG_2226


One thought on “Walking and an Easter Egg Hunt

  1. What a great walker, shopper, play doh player, hider and Easter egg hunter!
    He’s soooo multi talented! And he’s cuuuuute! You give jace the bestest childhood memories ever!

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