Springtime Snow

We had some ups and downs this week….

The downs are all health related.  Poor Jace has croup again.  He seemed fine on Wednesday, then woke up gasping for air multiple times Wednesday night.  No fun!  The pediatrician upped the steroid and put him back on breathing treatments.  So we’re back to steroids and stimulants right before bedtime again.  At least he’s breathing better now!  He has a runny nose that is really bothering him, but otherwise seems very happy and energetic.

As for the ups, we’ve had a great week!  Jace and I did a lot of Easter crafts in preparation for our playdate.  Stained glass/tissue paper bunnies was the most popular craft.  I think all of his friends ended up making one of those.  Jace though that was okay, but he really liked getting paint all over his feet.  We did footprint carrots and footprint chicks.  The next day, Jace dragged me over to the art supplies, handed me a paint brush, and pulled off his socks.  He wanted to do more!  So, grandparents, Easter decorations are on their way!  After we did a few more chicks and carrots, we took things up a notch and got out the canvas.  Jace loved it.  Things got a bit muddled because we were both too impatient to let the different colors dry before adding more footprints, but that’s okay.  We had fun!
IMG_2061 IMG_2062 IMG_2063 IMG_2068

The chalkboard table was very popular during the play date.  We did NOT get the beans out this time.  After our friends left, Jace and I walked to get the mail.  It was bright, sunny, and there was no snow.  Jace is pointing out an airplane in the picture.  If you look closely, you can even see it!
IMG_2076 IMG_2084

This morning we woke up to a yard free of snow.  We headed to the library as the first snowflakes started to fall.  Jace had fun walking on the radiators and looking out the window.  He also loooved playing with the toy in the picture.
IMG_2086 IMG_2094

After the library we drove to pick up a little table.  By the time we got home, we had 5″ of snow.  Crazy!  The pictures below were taken less than 24 hours after the picture of Jace pointing out the airplane.  But it’s kinda fun.  Jace really likes the snow and really likes being outside in the snow.  Plus, it’s not cold, so it’s good weather for being outside.  Which is lucky because Jace refused to wear his hat!  He helped me shovel the driveway and then we shoveled the neighbors driveway too.  Then we headed inside to warm up our hands and wait for Adam. 

When Adam got home we headed to Rita’s for some Italian ice.  Why would we get Italian ice when it’s snowing?  Because Rita’s does free Italian ice on the first day of Spring.  And today, despite appearances, is the first day of Spring!
IMG_2102 IMG_2112

Italian ice is delicious, but I think it’s a bit sugary….  Jace had so much energy during dinner that he played with toys while eating, then jumped on his trampoline for a while.  Hopefully that wore him out enough to get a decent night of sleep.  His nap was short today, so I’m thinking the night will be okay.  He needs his rest to kick the croup.  Plus, he’s got a big Easter egg hunt in the morning!
IMG_2113 IMG_2114 IMG_2115


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