Playing in the Rain

The weather is (kinda) warming up here, so we’ve been spending a lot more time outside.  Walking from the parking lot to the library now takes twice the amount of time it used to because Jace pauses to point at every-single-car parked along the sidewalk and he engages in starring/smiling contests with his reflection all the way along the windows.  But it’s cute.  And our current library activity is open play and is an hour long, so being a few minutes late isn’t a big deal.

One of our new crafty projects is making collages.  It’s great!  I cut shapes out of cardstock and tissue paper, we tape some contact paper to the window, and Jace gets creative!  This project occupied him for a solid 30 minutes the other day.  Which in toddler time is practically forever.  I see lots of these collages in our future!
IMG_1988 IMG_1990

Adam contributed these two pictures to the post….  Our evening routine is to have dinner together, then Adam and Jace head up to the bath tub while I clean the kitchen/playroom.  It’s a good system and I like listening to Jace and Adam during bath time.  Lots of what I hear is just music, singing, or practicing letters.  But at least three times each bath there’s silence for a few seconds before they both yell loudly.  I asked what’s going on when that happens.  He showed me these pictures in response.  Apparently the silence is the “wind up” – when Jace holds his hands over his head and waits.  Then Jace lowers his hands, taps his chest, and yells.  And Adam yells back!
IMG_1991 (1) IMG_1991 (2)

Saturday was rainy.  But that didn’t mean Jace was content to stay inside!  Adam tried to help the situation by getting out his umbrella.  Jace tried hard, but holding on to that umbrella was a bit tricky.  He sure looked cute though!
IMG_1998 IMG_2001 IMG_2005 IMG_2008

Eventually, we abandoned the umbrella in favor of a hat and Jace and I took Cuervo on a rainy walk to the bridge by our house.  We collected sticks and tossed them into the water.  Cuervo had a great time running around.  We headed back inside when Jace’s hands were frozen.  And then we warmed up with hot cocoa!
IMG_2012 IMG_2015

On Sunday, Jace’s friend, Ella, turned 2.  It was quite the exclusive guest list, so we felt very lucky to be invited.  The party was amazing – kind of like being inside Pinterest – and Jace had a great time.  The theme was Elmo.  Jace loves Elmo!  There was tons of yummy food, Elmo coloring pages, play dough (“Create Your Own Elmo!”), painting, and, of course, cake!  Jace was very ready for his nap after all that excitement.
IMG_2028 IMG_5597 IMG_5612

After all the fun we had playing with play dough at Ella’s party, Jace and I made some play dough of our own.  We got out a kitty cookie cutter and Jace was very excited.  We played for a long time, actually, before trading in the play dough for chicken nuggets and a ridiculous amount of ketchup.  It’s been a fun few days!
IMG_9000 (1) IMG_9000 (2) IMG_9000 (3) IMG_9000 (4)
**Yes, Jace got a hair cut.  Yes, I did it myself.  No, it doesn’t really look at terrible as it does in the above pictures, I promise!  More pictures soon to prove it….!


2 thoughts on “Playing in the Rain

  1. Ella’s party looked amazing! I loved the Elmo and Oscar heads out of FRUIT! 🙂

    And Jace is so crafty! I remembered a super easy and fast sort of pretend craft that Sarah and Dave liked to do (as a treat) when they were real little: Paint with Water books! Has Jace tried those yet? I used to do it when I was little. Did you? Sarah would work carefully, staying in the lines etc., so her page would last for a while. Dave would just use the water to make color all over his page, so he used 5 pages in the same 20 minutes.

    Anyway, that party, and your Rainy Day Walk looked fun!

    xoxoxo wal

  2. Ok-
    1. If I was that cute I’d be looking at myself in anything reflective too!
    2. Arts and crafts with you and your toddler are turning out waaaaaay cute! I want to craft with both of you!
    3. You both are so cute with your son! Bathtub telling- could they be any more adorable- I think not!!
    4. You turn the smallest pleasures in life to huge joyous adventures! Your rainy day walk sounded fun!
    5. Ella’s party- fun! I want to be where pinterest blew up too! Maybe we could turn that idea into an actual place- you know start a business where you go inside the store and diy your heart out! All supplies would be available! I’d totally go there!
    6. I was a playboh kid myself! I loooved the stuff! I’ll join in on that activity with you guys too!!

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