Spring is Springing!

Spring is springing!  It’s really exciting.  We had a stretch of such cold weather that it wasn’t much fun to be outside.  But now?  Now we’re in the high 30s/low 40s.  We even got into the 50s once.  It’s great!

It’s warm enough that Jace can go with Adam to check the mail (which is exciting for Jace and adorable for everyone else).  Jace and I decided we would walk to our friend’s house for a play date.  The shortcut was too snowy, so we took the long way.  Turns out the long way was a bit snowy too….  I guess our street is sunny and the snow is melting, but the shady areas are still very snowy.  Jace was amused when I had to pull the stroller because I’d gotten him totally stuck in slush.  Oops.

We were inside all day Monday because we got a new heating system (just in time for summer, ha).  It was an 8 hour job for two guys.  Jace liked following the guys around the house.  And watching them through the windows.  When he wasn’t watching them, he was eating ketchup straight from the squeeze pouch (sigh, it was supposed to be a condiment for his scrambled eggs), playing with cars, and playing with slime.
IMG_1816 IMG_1820

The TV was on in the background during a recent play date.  And Elmo was on TV.  Jace was SO excited!  Maybe I should let him watch TV sometimes….  He was so happy to see Elmo and just kept pointing at the screen saying “Elmo! Elmo!”  Very cute.  His friend, Ella, is having an Elmo party this weekend.  Jace is gonna love it!

The next day we headed to the doctor for a re-check.  Jace is definitely getting better.  A few more days of breathing treatments/steroids and one more day of antibiotics and he should be 100%.  Hurray!  After the doctor, we headed to Goodwill to check for a table/chairs.  I’m convinced they’re going to have the table/chairs I want.  I don’t even care about the condition because I have big plans to refinish them.  However, the table/chairs weren’t there this time.  But Jace did find a wagon while I was looking at furniture.  And then he dragged the wagon around the store, picking up toys that he thought he needed.  He was cute.  And I’m a sucker for cute – plus he’d just been to the doctor – so we got the wagon.  And a pink cash register.
IMG_1837 IMG_1858

Viola!  The pink cash register!  It’s pretty cool.  And works really well for a $0.97 toy.  It’s got a place to swipe a credit card.  If you do it correctly (and push hard enough), chimes play and a “sale” tag pops up.  It’s one of Jace’s favorite features.  He’s a very enthusiastic card swiper!
IMG_1899 IMG_1903 IMG_1913

We also got a chance to play with the wagon.  Jace loaded up his doggies (and a bear) and we headed outside.  Turns out the wagon is a great way to carry the mail from the mailbox back to the house.  We also tried some snow ice cream.  Okay, we tried some ice crystals dusted with sugar.  I thought it sounded good.  Jace wasn’t too crazy about it.  But he did like carrying the bowl and spoon.
IMG_1861 IMG_1885
IMG_1864 IMG_1879 IMG_1881

Which brings us to today.  Today was a GREAT day!  Jace had a hearing test this morning.  He aced it.  Yay!  Then we played around the house for a while.  I think Jace is in a growth spurt because he’s hungry all the time.  Today he ate three pancakes (with syrup as a dipping sauce, of course), two clementines, multiple bunches of grapes, a few strawberries, a couple bites of banana, chicken nuggets (with ketchup dipping sauce), cheese, veggie straws (with guacamole dipping sauce), some steamed broccoli, a few bites of chicken parm, a gogurt, and a ton more veggie straws.  He was so hungry!  I asked him to smile while we were eating snack and here’s the face I got….
IMG_1939 IMG_1938

To burn off some of his food-fueled energy, we headed to Force Sports Academy.  Our friends, Becky and Ella, had been suggesting it for a while.  We kept putting it off due to weather, Ella being sick, Jace being sick, etc.  Truthfully, I really didn’t think Jace would like it.  He’s the shy/quiet type sometimes and I couldn’t picture him just running into the fray in an open gym environment.  Boy was I wrong!  He LOVED it.  Loved it!

There was a plastic slide with a 1′ drop at the bottom.  Jace had a great time sliding down and then landing – with a thud – at the bottom (video!).  He sprinted back and forth on the 40′ trampoline.  He crawled through mat tunnels, tumbled in big mat-like cylinders, walked across the balance beam (not the 3″ tall one, but the one that was 4′ off the ground, of course!), ran around in the bounce house, chased exercise balls around the floor, and did a zillion other high-energy things too.  Very, very fun.  We’ll definitely be going back.  I couldn’t even tell he was getting tired until I saw him crashed out in the foam pit.  ‘Course when I suggested we leave early, he jumped to his feet, climbed out of the pit, and went back to the trampoline.  It was a great afternoon!

Wheeeeeeee! – video

IMG_1915 IMG_1922 IMG_1924 IMG_1931 IMG_1933 IMG_1929


One thought on “Spring is Springing!

  1. Hey! It’s another picture intensive post!! I looooove it!
    Ok the wagon with the stuffed animals!!! Soooo cute!!!
    Slime looks like great fun! I want to come and play!!
    Annd I looove dipping sauces too! I mean who doesn’t??! Soo Im in full support of everything dipped in guacamole! 😉

    Keep on playing and playing!!

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