Swimming and Clifford

This is going to be a picture-intensive post.  We took entirely too many pictures this weekend, but we had a great time!  We had a voucher for a free night at a hotel that was about to expire.  We drove an hour southwest to Reading, PA for the weekend.  Jace napped during the drive, which worked out really well.  When he woke up, he was ready to play – so we headed to the pool.
IMG_5421 IMG_4990

Jace liked walking up and down the steps.  He hung out in his floatie for a while.  He got a new bath toy a few days before our trip.  It’s a shark and is pretty cool in the tub – but it’s awesome in the pool (we took a video!).  Jace was jumping off the edges, splashing like crazy, and he loved being spun around in circles. 
IMG_4998 IMG_5011 IMG_5032IMG_5021 IMG_5179 IMG_5183 IMG_5188 IMG_5153 IMG_5319

A Shark in the Pool – video

After the pool, it was time to rinse off….  Jace was a little skeptical of the shower.  Showering while I held him wasn’t much better.  Luckily, Daddy was there to swing Jace in and out of the spray.  He thought it was hilarious!
IMG_4987 IMG_5420IMG_5383 IMG_5412

We had yummy Mexican food for dinner, grabbed some ice cream for dessert, and headed back to the hotel.  We didn’t get Jace into bed until almost 9pm.  Oops.  Since we were all in the same room, we had to keep the lights off and stay pretty quiet.  Adam and I lay down on the bed for two seconds and were instantly asleep.  At 9pm.  On a Saturday night.  On our “vacation”.  It was great!

The next morning we grabbed some breakfast and headed back to the pool.  Fun, fun, fun!  Then we checked out and drove over to the Reading Public Museum.  They’re hosting a traveling exhibit for Clifford the Big Red Dog.  We read our Clifford book in the hotel just to get in the Clifford-mood.  Jace is definitely a Clifford fan.
IMG_1674 IMG_1692 IMG_1695 IMG_5426

One of the first exhibits was a post office set-up where you could deliver mail to the residents of Clifford’s town.  Jace was hooked.  He carried letters around, opened and closed mailboxes all over “town”.

He was most excited by the big blue mailbox.  He would pick up a letter from the post office, carry it to the mailbox, mail it, clap for himself, and then go get another letter.  Over and over and over.  And over and over.  And over and over.  You can see how many letters ended up in the blue mailbox.  That thing was empty when we got to it!
IMG_5475 IMG_5485

Delivering the Mail – video

After delivering A LOT of mail, Jace was ready to check out the rest of the exhibit.  The giant Clifford statue – with a tail you could slide down – was a big hit.
IMG_1725 IMG_1721

Jace liked going around and petting the various (smaller) doggie statues.  And he spent some timing coloring in Clifford’s club house.
IMG_1723 IMG_5431

Jace did find a few more mailboxes (notice Adam reading a Clifford book in the background?).
IMG_1755 IMG_5491

The milk bone conveyor belt was fun.  Jace worked hard to fill Clifford’s food dish!IMG_1732 IMG_1742 IMG_1761 IMG_1743

We checked out the map, then Jace drove me around Birdwell Island on the ferry.
IMG_1762 IMG_5450

And of course, Jace wanted to pet Clifford on our way out.  It was hard to hold him up that high – and even then he could only pet Clifford on the cheek!
IMG_1772 IMG_5501

It was a cool exhibit and I think Jace really enjoyed it.  Excellent mini-vacation!
IMG_1778 IMG_1782


2 thoughts on “Swimming and Clifford

  1. Picture intensive posts are more than a-ok with me!!!!
    Your “mini va-cay” looked awesome! Swimming with sharks and seeing Clifford! And sleep by 9!! Sounds perfect! I love -I mean that- LOVE seeing all the adventures that your family takes!!
    Maybe next time you do a video intensive post 😉 that’s definitely tif-approved too! So are more picture intensive posts! And in case you haven’t been told lately- jace is adorable!!!!!

  2. I think it’s amazing how you continue to get entire museums mostly to yourselves.
    Where are all the other kids? Do parents in Pennsylvania just sit in front of the TV all day? Anyway, your whole weekend looked wonderful, and Jace, as always, looks so grown up and adorable. You guys look adorable too. xoxo wal

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