Painting the Bath Tub

Poor Jace is still fighting this croup/cold thing.  The antibiotics have definitely helped his ear infection – and his fever is gone – but I’m pretty sure the breathing treatments/steroid treatments do nothing other than give him insomnia.  Sigh!  I hope he’s getting better and I just can’t see any proof of it yet….

Last night was one of our “worst” nights yet.  I put “worst” in quotes because it wasn’t bad from a crying perspective but it was a disaster in terms of a getting-some-sleep perspective.  Jace woke up at 12:59am and didn’t go back to sleep until 5:48am.  I like that the Fitbit tells me exact times.  It also shows every time I walked across the house to get a different toy, another book, a sippy cup, a snack, etc.  For a few hours, I made Jace sit in the dark in his crib.  It was nighttime, after all.  But eventually I realized he wasn’t going to go back to sleep, so we moved downstairs so we wouldn’t disturb Adam.  We read, we played, we fed the kitties a treat, we read some more, we snacked, and finally (FINALLY!), we headed back up the stairs to bed.

He slept two hours and then was up for the day.  But then he was tired.  We went to play hour at the library and he was pretty zoned out the whole time.  So, pictures!  First, Jace playing with the iPad in his crib once I realized sleep wasn’t going to happen.  I figured maybe he’d play quietly and I’d sleep.  I selected a quiet times/lullaby app that shows fish swimming around.  Well, occasionally there’s a seahorse.  Jace knows it’s called a seahorse and every time it would show up on the screen he would shout “neigh”!  Second, Jace zoned out in the pop-up bus at the library play time.
IMG_1504 IMG_1513

Lately we have a bit of a dilemma with clothing.  Jace has one favorite shirt and one favorite pair of socks.  The shirt with a ball (and a few stars) is the absolute favorite.  Occasionally I can get a little interest in the shirt with a fox, the shirts with cars or trucks, or the shirts with dinos.  Shirts with stripes have zero appeal in Jace’s world right now.  I mean, what sound does a stripe make?!  Exactly.  As for the socks, he does have a pair with bears, a pair with wolves, and a pair with racoons.  They’re decent runners-up to the doggie socks.  The girl version of these socks was an all kitty pack.  It was quite the ordeal to convince Jace that we didn’t need the pink kitty socks.  I figured Adam would be happier with the blue canine options. 

Anyways, today was a good day because I did laundry last night so everything was clean!  We got up and I told Jace to pick out a shirt, pants, and socks.  He opened the shirt drawer and yelled “ball!” with so much excitement in his voice that it (almost) made me want to do laundry on a daily basis.  Then he opened his pants/socks drawer and discovered his doggie socks were clean too!  Happy morning.
IMG_1518 IMG_1514

And now on to the painting pictures.  One of our friends recently made “paint” out of flour, salt, water, and food coloring.  She sent me the recipe and we tried it.  As with most of my crafty endeavors I didn’t quite get it right.  But luckily a few flour lumps don’t matter when you’re painting the tub.

In my mind, this was going to be a fun, clean, and controlled activity.  My mind was WRONG.  But it was a fun activity.  Albeit incredibly messy and a bit out of control!
IMG_1460 IMG_1462 IMG_1467 IMG_1475 IMG_1476 IMG_1479 IMG_1485  IMG_1492 IMG_1495IMG_1489


3 thoughts on “Painting the Bath Tub

  1. You guys do some of the absolute messiest projects I’ve ever seen. Your bean table, for instance — how do you clean up the beans when they’re all over the rug? Vacuum? And how do you keep kids from stuffing beans up their noses?? or eating them? I mean, little kids are very … silly.
    xoxo wal

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