Jace is sick!  It’s sad.  Sunday was a pretty good day….  After the visit to Urgent Care, Jace seemed to feel okay.  And Sunday night went fairly well too.  Monday was a different story.  Jace was grouchy, definitely had a head cold, and sleep was a disaster.  He woke up about every 10 minutes.  All night long.  It wasn’t too hard to get him back to sleep, but as soon as he was settled, he’d wake up again.  Tuesday was more of the same – grumpy, cold symptoms, didn’t sleep very well (though he was so tired that we got 30 minute stretches of sleep instead of just 10 minute stretches!).

Today (Wednesday), we headed to the pediatrician.  Turns out Jace’s croup wasn’t “spasmodic croup”, like they’d thought, but “viral croup”.  And while he doesn’t seem to be having the severe breathing difficulties that sometimes go with croup, the virus is definitely wreaking havoc on his bronchial tubes.  On top of that, he has a lot of sinus pressure and an ear infection!  The doctor gave us an antibiotic, ear drops, breathing treatments (3x a day, sigh), and a steroid.

The antibiotic is apparently delicious (yay).  Ear drops are hilarious – Jace smiles when he sees the bottle, cringes like crazy when we put them in his ear, then slowly relaxes, then asks for more!  The other two medicines go in the nebulizer.  The nebulizer we got is very cute – it’s a hippo! – but Jace still isn’t crazy about it.  When we did his medicine tonight, he sat in Adam’s lap and read books the whole time.  AND DID INCREDIBLY WELL.  I was super impressed with both of them.
IMG_1447 IMG_1442

Here are some other pictures from the past few days….

Jace likes to play with his cars on the table.  It’s great because the lip on the table keeps the cars from crashing over the edge!
IMG_1393 IMG_1395

We did play in the snow for a while, but Jace had a much better time playing in the car while I shoveled the driveway.  He’s funny.
IMG_1398 IMG_1404

Jace has been having a great time playing with all his “new” toys.  Cycling toys each month is awesome!  He loves his laptop.  And seems to think Adam’s face is a good desk….

Lastly, here are two semi-blurry pictures.  But they’re so cute!  Jace likes to play with our old thermostat.  He carries it around and pushes the buttons.  The stuffed strawberry came with our Valentine’s treat.  He carries it around too.  After nap the other day Jace woke up happy and just wandered around with the strawberry and thermostat for a while before wanting to play.  He was super smiley!  He hasn’t been as smiley lately because he doesn’t feel very well.  I’m hoping the medicines work quickly and he feels better soon – and that he’s back to super happy tomorrow!
IMG_1406 IMG_1409


One thought on “Medicines

  1. I hope he’s feeling a little better today! When Dave would get it, he’d run a high fever, have no energy at all. It was awful. But he outgrew it! And once he had his tonsils and adenoids out, he no longer sounded like Darth Vader when he breathed (which is basically how he sounded all the time, except during the apnea phases, when the house got strangely quiet. Raising kids is sometimes NOT fun.

    Jace looks pretty happy in these pictures, though. What a sweetheart! However, he seems to be outgrowing that sweatshirt. THAT WAS FAST!

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