Jace has croup.  Yuck!  We have been soooo lucky with how healthy Jace has been.  He had one cold when he was 6 months old, one cold when he was 11 months old (when we moved into our new house!), and one fever/fatigue bout a few months ago.  And other than that, he’s been incredibly healthy.  But last night he wasn’t feeling very well.

Jace woke up at 2:30 and I got him back to sleep pretty easily.  But when he woke up at 3ish, he was very clearly having a hard time breathing.  It was so scary!  He was having a hard time inhaling and exhaling and occasionally he’d have this horrible, bark-y cough.  I held Jace and Adam called the nurse line.  After listening to Jace breathe into the phone, the nurse decided he had croup.  We took Jace into the bathroom with the hot shower on full blast for 20 minutes (well, 19 minutes and then we ran out of hot water!).  After that, Adam ran him outside for a minute.  That really helped his breathing.  We kept him propped up in his crib and I slept on the floor near him.  It took a really long time to get him calmed down and back to sleep.  The nurse recommended staying by his side all night, just in case.  She said if he woke up with breathing trouble again we needed to head to the ER, but if he slept til morning we could just head to Urgent Care when he woke up.

Jace got some sleep from 6-8am, which was good.  He seemed to be feeling pretty well when he woke up.  I figured we’d grab a quick breakfast and then be out the door to Urgent Care.  Toast is a quick breakfast, right?  Well, not when you eat toast by licking all the jelly off the top and then feeding the rest of it to the doggie.  Oops!

We made it to Urgent Care around 9:15 and hung out in the waiting room.  Jace had a great time!  He was all smiles and was very vocal pointing out the stars on the flag, the doggies in the book we were reading, and the shoes of every person in the waiting room.  He’s so cute!  He likes playing peek-a-boo.  He’ll cover his eyes and say “Mama?” and then move his hands and shriek in surprise.  I love it!
IMG_1344 IMG_1346 IMG_1350 IMG_1351

After spending forever in the waiting room (seriously, forever…. we were gone so long Adam even drove over to hang out with us!), we finally got called back to see the doctor.  Jace was happy until they tried to measure him.  Sigh.  The interesting part is that they said Jace is 2′ 10″.  That makes more sense and is closer to what Adam and I got when we tried to measure Jace.  The pediatrician does something weird when he takes Jace’s height measurement.  I believe 34″ much more than I believe 36″.  Anyways, the sad part was that being measured upset Jace so much that he cried for most of the appointment.  He was crying pretty hard, so it was tough for the doctor to listen to his breathing.  For a while, they thought Jace was really sick and were talking about heading to the hospital and all kinds of other stuff.  Eventually, Jace calmed down a bit and they decided a breathing treatment should be enough.  They vaporized some sort of medication and we tried to get Jace to breathe the mist.  It worked fairly well.  And then we headed home.  As soon as we got home, Jace was back to his happy self.

He got a decent nap and headed downstairs for lunch.  His appetite wasn’t impacted at all!  Then he played with my phone (took some cute pics of himself – ha), played with his reflection, and helped Adam and me switch out his toys (we cycle them on the first of each month).  He was pretty happy all evening.  He’s woken up a few times already tonight, but has settled back down pretty easily.  I’m hoping he sleeps well tonight and we can write this whole croup thing off as a one night affliction!
IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387


2 thoughts on “Croup

  1. SR, do you keep a cool mist vaporizer near his bed when he’s congested? Dave used to get croup when he was Jace’s age (until he was 3 1/2 ot so). But you and Adam did exactly the right thing — the steamy shower and/or the cool night air. During the day, he might like juice popsicle? If you were here, I’d offer him an icicle (sharp tip removed, of course). It sounds like this time around, his croup is pretty mild.

    When Dave was 3, he finally had his tonsils and adenoids out, and he almost instantly grew 6 inches, gained all sorts of weight. But in the hospital, the night before his surgery, his breathing and cough were so horrible, the nurses thought HE was the emergency croup case they had in another room.

    Hey, you asked me a couple of WEEKS ago about building steps for Jace. I was super busy and didn’t have time to respond. Are you still thinking about steps? Let me know. xoxo wal


  2. Boo hoo! I’m sorry Jace was sick, but it looks like the meds helped a lot! Don’t you just hate when he’s sick? He looks pretty cheery, so maybe the meds worked fast! I love you lots! Kiss Jace for me, and give Adam a hug, and look at yourself in the mirror and see the most beautiful hearted girl in the world! I love you so much! You are such a great Mommy, and Adam is a terrific Dad! xoxoxo

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