Play Date

While Adam was out of town this week, Jace tried to fill his shoes.  Literally.
IMG_1205 IMG_1207

We acquired a trampoline!  I’d been watching craigslist and finally found one.  Jace likes jumping on the exercise ball so much, but our arms wear out before his enthusiasm does.  I figured with a trampoline, he’d be able to jump and jump.  It’s a good theory, but currently Jace likes to stand on the trampoline and push the music buttons instead of jumping.  We’ll get there….
IMG_1208 IMG_1210

Thursday morning we had a play date at our house.  Jace and I were supposed to go to book club, but it got cancelled.  I told the other two moms they could come to our house to discuss the book/let the kids play.  Another mom asked if she could come too.  Then another.  Then another.  Before long, Jace and I were hosting a huge play date with lots of moms and lots of kids!  It was fun.  And seven of the eight kids were boys, which was a nice twist!

Jace helped me test out all the “stations” before our friends arrived…. He sampled all the snacks, decorated his egg carton caterpillar, and played with the animals on their zoo/track.  It was fun to see how other kids played with our toys – and to see what toys were popular with the older kids!
IMG_1235 IMG_1238

Jace kept asking me to read books with him during the play date.  I read a few, then asked him what he’d like to do instead of reading.  He said he wanted to play with the beans.  Seemed like a fine idea to me.  So I dumped the beans on the table.  And every kid in the room stopped what they were doing and ran over to the table.  Chaos ensued.  I think they all had fun, but my goodness….  Beans were EVERYWHERE!
IMG_1226IMG_1227 IMG_1228 IMG_1230

You couldn’t even see the heating vent by the time we were done playing.  I’d closed it, but it still took me a long time to dig all the beans out of the grate.  I’ll definitely remember to cover the grate with something next time.  But the play date was a success.  We had so much fun that I think we’ll invite everyone over to play again soon!

Jace is very interested in buckles lately.  He likes the clasp on my watch, the hook on my belt, the buckle on his high chair, and the latch on his carseat.  He gets frustrated when he can’t get the two pieces to snap together, but he’s starting to figure out how to twist the pieces to make them fit.  And when he does get things to click together, he’s very excited!
IMG_1244 IMG_1263

One of our local banks is offering a promotion.  If you open an account, you get a free FitBit Flex.  Jace and I walked to the bank, opened an account, and then played with the new toy.  It tracks steps taken, distance walked, calories burned, and a bunch of other stuff I haven’t figured out yet (food consumption, water consumption, activity).  My favorite aspect is the sleep tracker.  It’s so cool!  It shows you when you were “restless” (as in, when Jace was making noise and waking me up or when I was tossing and turning) and it shows when I was “awake” (ha, barely!, but it shows when I stumbled into Jace’s room and when I stumbled back to my own bed 8 minutes later).

I don’t think this is the best example of a sleep report, but it’s the one I have for now….  Adam got home late last night.  I stayed up til he got home, which meant I went to bed waaaaay later than I should have.  And then Jace was a bit fidgety from 3-6am.  But still.  Fun sleep report, huh?!  I’ll post another one later this week when I go to bed at a decent time.  And maybe I can convince Adam to open a bank account and get a FitBit and track his sleep so I can compare.  I think it’s fun.

In any case, 4 hours and 5 minutes wasn’t enough sleep.  Lucky for me, I had a cute little companion for an afternoon nap!
IMG_1300a IMG_1303

It’s nice having Adam home again.  We ran some errands today (Jace was a huge fan of the hummus sample at Sam’s Club).  Other than that, we just hung out as a family.  Adam brought Jace a present from his trip (a mini magna-doodle!), so they played with that for a while.  Jace was very happy to have his daddy back for his bathtime/bedtime routine!
IMG_1319 IMG_1332


One thought on “Play Date

  1. Aww sounds like a great day! I’m hoping you aren’t still buried under snow! We got a bit this week (at least in NC terms).

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