21 Months!

Jace is getting so big!  He was officially 21 months old yesterday.
IMG_1091 IMG_1099

Jace had his 21 month check up today.  Poor Jace did not enjoy his check up.  He was happy in the waiting room, but as soon as we got called back, he started to cry.  He sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  The entire appointment.  It was really sad.

I’m not exactly sure why he was crying.  The doctor was nice, he didn’t get any shots, and he spent 98% of the appointment sitting in my lap (I only set him down to weigh him – and actually, I only set him down to weigh myself without him in my arms because we couldn’t get him to stand on the scale).  The doctor said Jace seems very healthy.  Apparently the next teeth due to show up are notoriously painful, so that could be rough, but otherwise everything looked good.  Jace is in the 97th percentile for height (36″) and 70th percentile for weight (28.2 lbs).

As the appointment was wrapping up, Jace started to calm down.  By the time we checked out, he was calm enough to grab not one sucker, not two suckers, but THREE suckers on our way out the door.  He seemed pretty pleased with himself!  We also continued to work on the concept of pockets.  Jace has cute little pockets – with zippers – on his jacket.  It’s fun.
IMG_1112 IMG_1100

Yesterday was cold.  Cody spent the day chasing the Valentine’s Day balloon around the kitchen.  I tied a long string to it so Jace can reach it when it floats up to the ceiling.  Well, Cody can also reach the string.  He jumps, grabs it with his paws, then chews on it.  Jace laughs.  After we got tired of watching Cody, Jace decided we needed to head outside.  I thought we’d play in the snow in the yard.  Silly me.  Jace wanted nothing to do with the snow.  He headed straight for the sled, pointed at it, and said “doggie”.  So I grabbed the doggie and he was off.  It was really cold out, so Jace was pretty bundled.  He really wanted me to take his mittens off, so he could hold the strap on the sled, but I refused.  We tied the sled to his hand instead!  I still can’t figure out how to get his little thumbs into the thumb holes on those puffy mittens….
IMG_1111 IMG_1104

Jace was hilarious.  He absolutely avoided the snow.  But had a great time dragging the sled around the neighborhood.  Very cute!IMG_1109

Jace trapped himself under the laundry basket today.  Then crawled around with the laundry basket over him like a shell.  He thought he was hidden!IMG_1110 (2) IMG_1110 (3)

We played with the pinto beans again.  Jace likes to bury cars on the table, then acts shocked when he finds them.
IMG_1123 IMG_1126

We’ve started “training” for Easter!  Jace is old enough for an egg hunt this year, so we’re teaching him the concept of searching for hidden eggs.  We haven’t shown him that the eggs open yet, so that’s going to be a whole additional level of excitement.  But for now, he really likes finding the eggs and putting them in his basket.  And he likes pointing out the eyes and nose on his basket.
IMG_1138 IMG_1141 IMG_1150 IMG_1154 IMG_1187 IMG_1192

Lastly, today was a big day for Adam!  He signed the paperwork for his big promotion at work.  It’s pretty awesome.  New job description, new office, new salary, and an extra week of vacation.  Yayyyyy!  We had a fun family dinner out to celebrate!


One thought on “21 Months!

  1. I totally missed this post until now! And it’s such a happy one. Jace is such a big boy! And I’m so happy he enjoys the doggie so much. I love the sledding pictures. Actually, I love all the pictures. xoxo wal

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