Dog Sledding

We’ve been having fun!  Jace played with his new Mega Bloks.  We met some friends at the mall and spent a long time in the pet store.  The mice and fish were fun to see, but Jace really liked the bunnies.  They were extra soft and Jace could fit his whole hand through the bars on the cage.

We colored another 20lbs of pinto beans, so Jace has 22lbs to play with now.  It’s fun!  I think this picture shows about half of them.  He likes to hide objects in the beans, then dig for them.  Plus, he hasn’t tried to climb on top of the table in four days.  Maybe that’s out of his system now.
IMG_0797 IMG_0800

Jace likes to help take care of the animals.  He’s great at giving them treats.  The only problem is that he enjoys the “giving” part so much that as soon as the animals are happily eating their treats, Jace takes the treat away so he can “give” it to them again.  They’re not crazy about this system….
IMG_0835 IMG_0836

Jace discovered that forks fit through the grates over the heating vents.  Awesome.  He also spent quite a bit of time jumping on the exercise ball.  It’s cute because he gets really into the jumping and is completely out of breath by the time we stop.  It takes him about three seconds to catch his breath and say “ghen!”  It takes much longer for the strength to return to my (or Adam’s) arms!
IMG_0837 IMG_0863

We went to Toddlers At Play at the library on Friday.  The activities of choice this week were knocking over towers (and yelling “hiya!”, as shown in the picture) and cutting plastic fruit (velcroed together).  After all that hiya-ing, it was time for a nap!2 IMG_0957

Jace loves watching for Daddy to come home!
IMG_0966 IMG_0967

Guacamole is still a favorite food.  We are working on learning the appropriate dipping depth.  Currently, Jace seems to think the veggie straw needs to touch the bottom of the tub before it’s properly dipped.  That’s okay when the tub is nearly empty.  But when the tub is nearly full, well, it equates to a lot of guacamole on the hands….  Anyways!  We did some shopping at Target.  Jace discovered the popper toys.  And of course, if one is fun, then two is double the fun.  He dragged those things all over the store – popping the whole way.
IMG_0975 (1) IMG_0970

Another new game is to watch the candle flame extinguish.  Jace helps us light the candle, watches the flame for a second, then puts the lid on the candle and waits for the flame to go out.  And repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.
IMG_0975 (2) IMG_0975 (3)

Mars, Venus, and the moon were all visible together the other day.  Apparently the view was really good from the west coast, but we could see it pretty clearly here too.  Mars doesn’t show up very well in the picture, but it’s there!
IMG_0976 IMG_0978

We’ve seen a lot of doggies out lately.  Cuervo did a great job anchoring the balloon to to couch.  We met a cute puppy at Sam’s Club.  But Jace was even more excited to see the doggie at Target….
IMG_0975 (4) IMG_0975 (5)
IMG_0979 (1)

He and Adam played with the doggie the entire time I did the shopping.  Jace crawled right up there and pointed out all the parts of the doggie – ears, eyes, nose, neck, cheek, tail, feet, tummy.  Nose is his favorite.
IMG_0979 (4) IMG_0979 (3)  IMG_0979 (2) IMG_0979 (5)

Today was 39F!  It was great!  It has been pretty cold lately, so we’ve been stuck doing indoor activities.  Today we headed outside!  We had 4″ of snow to shovel.  Jace wasn’t overly amused when we put him on the sled and dragged him around.  But once we gave him control of the sled, he was pretty happy.  And once he got his doggie to sit on the sled, he was thrilled!
IMG_1012 IMG_1023

It was hard work, so we took plenty of breaks to sit and eat snow.

We took the doggie on a long walk.  I kept asking Jace if he was ready to turn around and he’d shake his head no.  He didn’t even break stride to answer me.  All the neighbors thought he was adorable.  We walked almost a full half mile before Jace was ready for me to carry him home!  The doggie had some snowy paws, but he had a good time.  And Jace had fun.  Plus, it wore him out and he took a great nap!  All in all, it was a very fun weekend!
IMG_1033 IMG_1046


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