More Activities for Jace

Quick sleep update….  Two nights ago was roughhhhhh.  Jace slept til midnight, then woke up every 10 minutes from 12 til 4am.  It was sad.  Even when I was actively patting his back and talking to him, he’d still whimper.  I think he was in pain.  But, in the morning, he had a new tooth.  Now both of his missing teeth have shown up.  Hurray!  Last night sleep was great.  He did wake up at midnight for about 20 minutes, but after that he slept until 6:30am.  Yay.

I finally finished my painting project.  Two before pictures, two after pictures.  The varnish is finally dry, so it’s assembled in the playroom now.  I hope Jace likes it.  1 (2) 1 (3) 1 (7) 1 (8)

The cats have been living on this couch.


And now, on to the fun stuff.  I’ve been finding lots of ideas for fun toddler activities online.  All the activities suggest that a toddler will love to engage in calm and tidy fun.  Ha.  That is sooooo not true at our house.  Every project I’ve tried to do with Jace lately has translated to a huge mess.  But a fun mess, so I guess that counts for something.

After pouring cornstarch and water all over the kitchen, Jace practiced drinking from a big kid cup.  He’s pretty decent at it.  The biggest problem is that after he finishes his drink, he likes to dump the remaining water all over the floor/his feet/the cat/the dog/etc.  Cody got over the shock of the water though, and they played some iPad games together.
IMG_0456 IMG_0461 IMG_0463 IMG_0467

Today we headed to story time at the library.  Jace is getting so much more comfortable there!  He knows the story time routine, which I think helps.  Today he picked out a book that had a cat on each page.  He loves books that have an animal to find on each page.  He doesn’t like really having to search – we’re years from Where’s Waldo – but he loves finding the mouse in Goodnight Moon.  We got a few books today that might be fun for him, I’m not sure.  If anyone has ideas of books with the same animal on each page, let me know!
IMG_0476 IMG_0479

When we got home from story time, we had a special delivery on our front porch.  A delicious Edible Arrangements bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries, a stuffed bear, and a balloon!  The bear was a huge hit.  The first thing he did was stand the bear up (on all fours) and pat it’s back.  He does the same thing to his husky all the time.  Then he makes Adam and me pet the stuffed animals too.
IMG_0514 IMG_0521

After giving the bear an appropriate amount of attention, Jace led me to the kitchen to check out the balloon.  The balloon provided quite a bit of entertainment – especially once he realized I jumped for the ceiling to retrieve it every time he let go of the string.
IMG_0522 IMG_0524 IMG_0554 IMG_0558

Eventually, Jace realized there was a third part to the present.  Chocolate covered strawberries.  Jace loves strawberries.  We’ve been buying them a lot lately because they’ve been on sale.  I asked him if he wanted on and he said yes.  Then I took the following five pictures.  (1) Jace ate all the chocolate off the strawberry, then looked at me and signed “more”.  (2) I told him he could have more after he ate the strawberry.  He eyed the berry questioningly.  (3) He takes a tentative bite.  (4) He is not pleased.  (5) He glares at me when I say “yummy!”  He did not agree.  Which is crazy, ’cause the strawberries are delicious.  Anyways, the whole present was a huge success and I’ve discovered that the recipe for success is that I eat 90% of the chocolate off the strawberry, have Jace eat the strawberry, then give him the remaining 10% of the chocolate.  Everyone wins!  Haha.
IMG_0575 IMG_0578 IMG_0580 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0584

Adam had to work ridiculously late today, so Jace and I had time for another messy activity.  Sensory bins are all the rage lately.  So we made a sensory bin of pinto beans.  I even looked up directions for coloring pinto beans.  After the beans were colored and dried, we started playing.

The article explains that my child will love the weight and texture of the beans and will enjoy the sound the beans make when poured from one container to the next.  Really?  I suppose MY child might have enjoyed that stuff, but more than that, he enjoyed dumping the bin of beans and then using both arms and both feet to scatter the beans as far as he could in all directions.  And sitting in the bin.  He liked that too.  Still a learning experience, right?  I gathered up the beans.  And he scattered them again.  And I gathered them up.  And he did it again.  I’m pretty sure we have beans waaaay under the couch, down the stairs through the kitty door, and in our heating vents.  Awesome.

After the third time of scattering the beans, Jace decided he should lay down on top of the piles of beans I was making.  He pressed his face against them.  He laughed when I poured them on his back and his tummy.  He had a great time.  And then I saw the color all over his face.  Sigh.  Turns out, food coloring isn’t permanent.  Sure, the beans were dry, but Jace’s hands, feet, and face were not!  Luckily, Adam was home in time for bath and Jace’s face is now color-free.  Not so much for his hands and feet, but that’s okay.

Overall, I think it went pretty well.  And he did spend some time scooping the beans, digging in them, and pouring them from one container to another.  And we did have fun!
IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0606 IMG_0612 IMG_0627 IMG_0630 IMG_0634 IMG_0638

Lastly, here’s a picture of Adam and Jace reading one of the books we got from the library.  There are pictures of a cat and a mouse on each page.  Jace doesn’t care about the words, but he loves pointing out the cat and mouse.  Adam starts reading the words, but is always interrupted by “Ditty?  Meeeow!  Mou?  Squeeeeeee!”  Adorable!IMG_0643


One thought on “More Activities for Jace

  1. Oh my goodness! Beans beans beans! Chocolate! Reading! What fun!

    Maybe a mat under the beans next time? Like a table cloth? Looks way fun- I would totally play! Ok ok I’ll even help clean up too!
    What are you doing in other sensory bins? Or are you done with that? Popcorn kernels, rice, oats, water (but you got the sink), snow, flour, cooked spaghetti noodles.. I’m excited to see! Well and curious how long you and the fam will be finding beans!

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