One, Two, Three, Floor

Well…. at least the floor isn’t too bad….  Jace slept pretty well until 11:45.  Then he woke up every 5 minutes for half an hour.  After the seventh wake up (12:15), I gave up on returning to bed and just lay down next to the crib.  Jace woke up again at 2something and 4something and maybe a few times in between.  I’m not sure.  All that middle of the night stuff blurs sometimes.  He got up for the day around 6:40 and was very happy.  As usual, no idea what caused the wake ups.

We headed to Crayola – and the place was empty.  It was strange, but great at the same time.  We had the place to ourselves at almost every activity!  Plus, I got to play with the giant lite-brite, so that was fun.  And we colored a ninja bandana on the dry erase turtle.  So that was fun too….

Tonight, Jace got a Valentine’s Day card in the mail.  There aren’t many printed words on the card, but Jace seems to think it’s a book.  He likes having it read to him.  “Sending great big love…. to a great little guy!  Happy Valentine’s Day!”  “Ghen.”  And again and again and again!  All in all, it was a good day.  His nap was a bit short, so maybe that will translate to a great night.  Fingers crossed!
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2 thoughts on “One, Two, Three, Floor

  1. Sounds like you’re dealing with a perfectly healthy little boy who has figured out how to play with Mommy all night long if he feels like it. Dude, you gotta bite the bullet and stop going into his room. He will be FINE. Crying is sometimes a way to release tension (in babies, anyway). Let him cry. Don’t go in. Let him cry for half an hour if you have to. Have a good cry yourself, in your own bed (if that’s what happens), but don’t call to him, don’t pat him on the back, just let him figure it out. He’s a smart boy and a boy who can sleep all night long if he wants to. And a happy boy too. You will be doing him a favor if you let him teach himself how to get back to sleep. He’ll learn, among other things, that when he wakes up in the middle of the night, the best thing to do is to go back to sleep because that awesome entertainment that would walk through his door isn’t showing up anymore. That show went off the air, so he might as well stop crying and fall asleep!

    So that’s my rant for today. Phew! I feel wonderful now! 🙂 xoxo wal

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