National Frozen Yogurt Day!

Today was a great day!  Sleep wasn’t spectacular, but that’s okay.  I switched back and forth between my bed and the floor by Jace for a few hours, but gave up around 3am and just slept on the floor.  I think Jace really WANTS to be asleep.  I dunno.  It was better last night than the previous nights, so we are improving again.  Plus, his congestion was much better today, so maybe tonight will be great!

In any case, Jace was very happy today.  We had a playdate with our friends Becky and Ella.  Ella’s cousin was there too, which was nice.  We played, had snacks, and did a craft!  The craft was a really cool idea – let the kids stick small squares of tissue paper to contact paper, seal the other side, and cut it out in a cute shape.  We did hearts, so now we have pretty heart shaped suncatchers.  I’ll get a picture sometime.  It’s really fun having friends to play with.  And we really, really like Becky and Ella!

When Adam got home from work, we headed to Menchies.  Today is National Frozen Yogurt Day (it’s a thing!), so everyone got 6 ounces of frozen yogurt for free.  We got Jace a tiny cup of his own and he was psyched!  The store was pretty crowded, so we ate in the car.  Jace loved it, but hasn’t quite mastered the use of the spoon.  We’ll be washing his jacket this weekend.  And the car seat.  But it was worth it!IMG_0363 IMG_0365

We stopped by Target and Jace and Adam played peekaboo.  This nursery display is about 15 feet from the toy aisle, but Jace would much rather play on the display than check out the toys.  Silly boy!
IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0389 IMG_0390

I’m so excited that it’s Friday night!  We have a whole weekend ahead of us to play!


One thought on “National Frozen Yogurt Day!

  1. Sleeping on the floor- goodness!
    Maybe squeeze in a futon I there so you don’t have to keep sleeping on the floor!
    I’m glad he’s a happy boy!
    And national frozen yogurt day sounds fabulous!!

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