Getting Closer….

Sleep was better last night!  I still spent the night on the floor in the nursery, but I think that was mostly my fault.  Jace woke up every two hours or so, but I probably could have headed back to bed between wake ups.  I tried the first time and he woke up 5 minutes later.  I got him to sleep, went back to bed, and he woke up 5 minutes later again.  So I gave up and took my blanket and pillow to his room.  Then, when he did wake up, I was right there to pat his back and get him back to sleep.

Jace got dressed before breakfast today, which is always a mistake.  He loves pancakes.  And even more than that, he loves pancake batter.  Soooo, quick outfit change after breakfast and we were off to story time at the library.  I think Jace is getting more comfortable there.  He still doesn’t want to run around, but he will go pick out books or musical instruments when prompted.  And he loves climbing the stairs to/from the story room.
IMG_0327 IMG_0332

We had a little bit of time after story hour and before nap time, so I ran a few errands.  We stopped by Goodwill because I was hoping to find a short table (maybe a coffee table?) that I could use for a project for Jace.  They didn’t have any furniture, but they did have a bunch of pretty cool toys.  Jace was so excited!  He loved this little car.  He cried when it was time to leave.  It wasn’t the temper tantrum crying, it was just sobbing because he missed the car.  Poor Jace! 

Luckily, a nap did the trick and he was happy again when he woke up.  Claire further demonstrated her amazing tolerance.  The last picture is from right before bedtime.  Jace is so cute!  He sits in Adam’s lap and they read stories.  Then he runs down the hallway to hug me goodnight.  I sit at the end of the hallway with my arms out waiting for him.  The last few days, Jace has climbed out of Adam’s lap and put his arms out to the side and just stared at me.  It’s like he’s waiting for me to run down the hallway to him!  He’s the best.  And he’s sleep well so far tonight, too!
IMG_0346 IMG_0347


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