Breakfast Attire

I finally remembered to post the haircut pictures!  The first picture is from last Thursday, right before the haircut.  I had a sucker in the car to use as my secret weapon during the haircut.  Apparently I left it somewhere in the backseat, because Jace got a hold of it – and opened it – before we even got to the hair place.  Oh well.  The second picture is from today.  Jace was very talkative and didn’t want to close his mouth for a picture.  But you can see how much shorter his hair is!  It looks good.  And bothers his ears and eyes less!

Sleep last night was okay.  He was doing the wake-up-every-5-minutes thing for a while, so I got him out of his crib and had him sleep on the floor next to me.  That worked better.  He woke up every 30 minutes or so, but was soothed really quickly by a pat on the back.  And that means that I slept 29 minutes of every half hour, so it was much better for me too.  Tonight we have his crib mattress elevated a tiny bit, so maybe he won’t cough so often or have such trouble with congestion.  We’ll see.  He took a great nap today and was very happy.  Sleep = happiness, it seems.

This morning Jace was very excited to make his egg for breakfast.  He scrambled the egg in the tupperware, but missed the counter when he tried to set it down.  He was covered in raw egg, so I stripped his clothes.  I figured we’d go get him dressed right away.  But Jace really wanted to try again with the egg.  Round two was much more successful and Jace ate breakfast in just a diaper.  He seemed happy, though I did have to wipe a lot of ketchup off of his tummy before I got him dressed….  He has also discovered an awesome new app.  It’s an interactive kitty app and it makes him laugh!  Off to bed.  Playdates and storytime tomorrow!


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