Alllllll Niiiiiiight Looooong

I have no idea what’s happening with sleep.  Last night was a disaster!  It took a while to get him to bed, but then he slept pretty well from 8:45-11.  And then he slept in five minute intervals from 11pm – 7am.  It was ridiculous.  He would cry, he would calm down the second you would touch him, he’d seem like he was asleep, we’d tiptoe back to bed, and four minutes later he would cry again.  And repeat.  And repeat.  I finally just dragged my pillow and a blanket into the nursery and slept on the floor next to the crib.  I would sleep for a minute or two, then pat his back when he cried, then sleep another minute or two.  Not our best night (although definitely not our worst either!!!!).

Jace was exhausted from barely sleeping.  I thought I’d do some grocery shopping before nap time, but Jace had other plans.  He fell asleep an in the car on the way to the store.  In general, Jace views any amount of sleep as his nap for the day.  I figured if I woke him up to shop, he might not go back to bed.  So, we drove home instead.  I got him inside and he slept for a total of 60 minutes.  And then he was awake.  An early nap and a short nap.  At least it made getting him to bed tonight a bit easier….  And hopefully he will remember how wonderful it is to sleep at night!

Given Jace likes to “hug” Claire each morning, I’m trying to come up with new kitty-friendly activities for Jace.  Both cats had a great time chasing pipe cleaners and pompoms from today’s craft (egg carton caterpillars).  Then I got out the cat toys and Jace and Claire played with the feather toy.  Cute.
IMG_0281 IMG_0296


One thought on “Alllllll Niiiiiiight Looooong

  1. Any toddler (or baby) who has been sleeping normally for a while, and then wakes up every 5-10 minutes to cry might be experiencing some sort of physical discomfort like a tummyache (gas/bloating/cramps), teething, a mild fever, a headache, who knows? I’m not offering any solutions to those problems — just a thought. Don’t despair! He’s coming around. xoxo

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