Consistency is Overrated

Jace likes to mix it up.  Sleep for a night, wake up a few times the next night, sleep for a night.  Just when I think we’re getting this sleep thing figured out, we have a night like two nights ago (with all the wake ups) followed by last night.  Sigh.  Last night.  Last night Jace just couldn’t get comfortable.  He woke up several times during the night.  For the most part, shushing or a hand on his back was enough to get him to fall back to sleep.  But then he’d be awake again in 30 minutes.  We had one rough stretch between 3:45 and 4:45 where Jace fidgeted almost the whole time.  He’d calm down and the second I would think about leaving the room he would wake up again.  Ai yi yi.  I have no idea what was different these past two nights.  I don’t think we’ve done any strange foods, no change in routine, the temperature drop hasn’t been too drastic.  I don’t know what’s messing with his sleep.  I have three ideas.

1) Maybe his tummy hurts.  Jace has discovered that when he hurts himself, I’ll kiss it to make it better.  He likes that.  The other day he accidentally closed his finger in the door.  It hurt.  I kissed it and he thought that was fun.  So he proceeded to lightly slam his finger in the door about 10 more times, earning a kiss each time.  He did the same thing today with stubbing his toe on the slide.  The first time it hurt.  The next 10 times he barely touched the slide and laughed each time he held out his foot for a kiss.  That being said, the last two days Jace has come up to me in the evenings, lifted up his shirt, and pointed at his tummy.  He whimpers until I kiss him.  So, maybe his tummy hurts.  Or maybe he just likes the kissing game.

2)  Teeth.  Jace was missing those two teeth on his bottom gum.  One of them came in several weeks ago.  The other still hasn’t shown up.  Maybe it’s on it’s way?

3)  Nap times.  The past two days were relatively short naps for Jace.  Of course, some of the days before that were too.  But maybe he’s short on sleep and that’s making it harder to sleep?  No idea.  But yesterday was an extra short nap (1:15) so today I tried for an extra long nap (almost 3 hours).  We’ll see if that does anything.

In any case, sleep is still going much better – even last night – than it was a month ago.  HURRAY FOR SLEEP!

Jace had a great time playing with all of his “new” toys.IMG_0213 IMG_0214

We spent some time outside shoveling the driveway.  The snow was really wet and heavy.  At the bottom of our driveway we had a slow moving river of ice water that was at least 6″ deep.  Jace wanted so badly to splash in the river.  I blocked him successfully the whole time I was shoveling, but when the Girl Scout came by to sell cookies, Jace took advantage of the distraction and waded in.  I even watched him do it, I just didn’t think to stop him.  He had a great time stomping around, but I only let him play a few minutes.  He wanted to stay out longer, but boots that are only 5″ tall combined with a river that is 6″ deep equals wet feet!

Tonight we stayed in.  Jace showed Adam the new tricks he’s been practicing with his stuffed doggie (who, by the way, we named Togo).  Togo is very talented at running down the slide.  He even lands on his feet sometimes!

And now it’s bedtime.  I got used to sleeping all night, so now that I’m back to sleeping in hour long blocks, I’m tired.  But I’m optimistic that Jace is going to do great tonight!


One thought on “Consistency is Overrated

  1. I’m so ecstatic that the trend for sleep is at least going in the right direction. Sounds like so much forward progress! Despite the hiccups in the road, sounds improved as compared to what was.

    I think rotating toys is such a great ideas! Mix it up!

    Togo seems to be a favorite! Hopefully he got to stick around despite the toy change over! Man, it’s like a potential episode of toy story over there… 😉

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