Tricky, Tricky

Oh, this sleep thing is so confusing!  Last night it took a while to get Jace to sleep.  Then he slept well until 2am.  He woke up at 2am, 2:30am, 3am, 3:45am, and 4:30am.  Grrrrrrr!  One of the times he went back to sleep with just “shushing”.  Another time Adam patted him on the back for about 20 seconds and he went back to sleep.  The other three times I moved him within his crib and he fell right back to sleep (he’d ended up sideways or had rolled onto his back).  So, it was still a decent night because each interruption was less than 3 minutes, but I don’t know why he woke up so often!  He was happy and cheerful at 7:30am when he woke up for the day.

It’s been a while since Adam’s been to Crayola, so that’s where we headed today.  Jace colored some pictures at the projection wall (notice his orange scribble fish!).  He played on the new toddler jungle gym and spent a lot of time carrying the orange “doggie” onto and off of the mats.  Then Jace and I headed into the big kid jungle gym.  Jace had fun trying to spot Adam down below.
IMG_0157 IMG_0162 IMG_0169 IMG_0177 IMG_0194 IMG_4703 (2)

About 15 minutes before I started making dinner, Jace came into the kitchen looking for a snack.  He opened the fridge and asked me to lift him up.  He spent a few seconds scanning the contents of our fridge before deciding he was in the mood for a scrambled egg.  He grabbed one egg out of the carton and waited patiently for me to bring his chair into the kitchen.  He stood by the counter, cracked his egg into the metal bowl, dug through the silverware drawer for a fork (while I fished egg shell out of the bowl), then stabbed the egg with the fork repeatedly.  When he was satisfied, he handed me the bowl and waited for me to cook the egg.  Once it was finished, he poured himself a reasonable amount of ketchup and ate his egg.  He finished the egg and wanted more.  I told him it was all gone.  He pointed at the remaining ketchup on his place mat and asked for more egg.  Once he realized there wasn’t any more egg, he came up with his own solution.  And simply licked the ketchup off the place mat.  He looooves his ketchup!
IMG_0199 IMG_0202

Right before Jace headed to bed, we switched out his toys.  Jace has a ton of toys.  It’s ridiculous.  Plus, he has (drastically) less toys than every single one of his friends.  Insane.  Anyways, we rotate toys once a month, so today we got out the toys that had been boxed for January and switched them with the current toys.  Adam was impressed with his multitasking abilities – he talked on his toy phone while pushing the music/wheeled toy thing around at the same time.  Very cute.  I’m hoping Jace has a great time tomorrow morning playing with all his “new” toys!


One thought on “Tricky, Tricky

  1. Oooooooh the ketchup story is so funny. Like mommy like baby, i remember you loving ketchup. And the multi tasking sound like he ia imitating mommy!!!! So sweet!

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