Playing with Daddy

Jace slept great again last night.  He does roll over or sigh periodically.  I’m still conditioned to jump as soon as I hear any noise, so I usually get halfway across the bedroom before I’m awake enough to stop, listen, realize he’s still asleep, and crawl back into bed.  He did wake up at 3:30am last night.  I tried “shushing” from bed, but that didn’t work.  Adam went to check on him and Jace had shifted in his crib so his head was pressed against the top crib slats.  He couldn’t get comfortable.  Adam grabbed him by the ankles, pulled him down about a foot, patted his back, and left the room.  And Jace went back to sleep until 7:30am.  Yay!

Nap time was short again today.  And getting him to bed took longer than it has in weeks.  But overall, sleep is still going really, really, REALLY well.

Today was a fun day.  Jace played with his nesting blocks.  Adam plays so differently than I do.  I’d never thought to make the tower of blocks even taller by using books and other toys.  Jace loved it!  Then Adam showed me his other game – “build a tower on your face”.  I was less impressed by that one (hahahahaha).  He and Jace played a lot today.  I think Jace likes weekends because he gets so much more time with his Daddy.
IMG_10000 (12) IMG_10000 (18) IMG_10000 (25) IMG_10000 (26) IMG_10000 (43) IMG_10000 (47)

We stopped by the grocery store today and Jace was excited to play on the tiny couches.  They were covered in Valentine’s stuffed animals.  Jace pointed at each of the stuffed dogs individually and said “doggie”.  He does the same thing when we read Clifford books – points out the “doggie” on each page.  He’s so good with his animal sounds now.  I’ll try to remember to take another video.  His voice is so cute.

Tonight we tried a different seating arrangement at the dinner table.  And it was great!  Rather than use the highchair tray, we just scooted Jace’s high chair up to the table and let him eat with us.  He seemed happy with it and didn’t send toooo much food down to Cuervo.  I know it’s only a difference of a few inches, but it was fun having Jace actually at the table with us.
IMG_10000 (52)


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