There was a lot of xylophoning today.  Here are the first and last pictures I took for the day.  In the first picture, Jace has taken a temporary break from xylophoning to “hug” the (incredibly tolerant) cat.  Notice the xylophone wand in the lower left and the fact that Jace is still in jammies.  Yup, before breakfast or getting dressed, we did some xylophoning.  The second picture shows the activity during “play with daddy time”.  Yup, more xylophoning.  He’s pretty into it.  And he’s discovered that you can use the xylophone mallet to hit other things and make sound (vents, oatmeal drums, walls, Cuervo) and that you can make the xylophone make noise by hitting it with other things (finger nails, car keys, toy trucks).  It was a very musical day.IMG_9956 IMG_9976

When we weren’t xylophoning, we headed to Crayola.  Jace spent most of the time in the toddler jungle gym and in the top floor of the big kid jungle gym.  We did play in the dark towards the end.  And Jace discovered a new fun attraction – the paint dryer.  There wasn’t much paint on his picture, but we definitely sent it through the dryer at least four times.  And watched it the whole way across the conveyor belt.
IMG_9967 IMG_9962 IMG_9965

Jace wasn’t very interested in dinner tonight.  Our rule is that if he doesn’t want to eat, he doesn’t have to, but Adam and I are going to sit at the table and eat.  This means he has to find a way to entertain himself until we’re ready to clear the table and get back to playing.  Jace’s during-dinner activity of choice for tonight?  Walking his doggie.  He walked back and forth and back and forth.  The doggie does really well staying on his feet on the hardwood (usually), but tips over a lot of the carpet.  Which makes Jace laugh.  Kept him entertained while we ate dinner, so it was great!
IMG_9985 IMG_9986 IMG_9987 IMG_9993 IMG_9994

Oh, and the sleep update.  Well, last night Jace woke up crying 30 minutes after going to bed.  And after that he did great!  Three stuffed animals sleep in his crib with him, but he’s never really cuddled with them…. until last night.  Last night Jace slept cuddled up with his lion.  And a bath towel.  And he slept from 9:20pm until 7:50am.  Usually he wakes up between 6:45 and 7.  I went in to check on him at 7:30 and he was sound asleep with his arm around his lion.  So cute!  Nap time was off today, he fell asleep 45 minutes later than usual and only slept for an hour and fifteen.  But maybe that’s all he needed?  No clue.  Adam’s trying to get him to sleep now.  We’ll see how things go tonight!


One thought on “Xylophoning

  1. Well, heck, I love this post. (I love all your posts, but especially this one.) So happy he gets a kick out of the xylophone, and the BONKER, and the doggie. I’m glad to see the dog is still obedient. Before packing him for his ride to your house, I told him to Sit and Stay. Hence his posture.

    Crayola looks really amazing. You’re so lucky to have it so nearby!

    xoxoxoxo wal

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