Story Hour

I don’t understand sleep.  Yesterday Jace took a really short nap (under an hour).  He went to bed easily (he was tired!), but he woke up at 11:45, 12, and 12:30.  It took about 10 minutes to get him back to sleep.  He woke up again at 3:something, but he put himself back to sleep, so that was good.  Today Jace took a long nap (2 hours, 45 minutes).  It took a bit longer to get him to bed, and then he woke up crying 30 minutes later.  I don’t understand!  He’s asleep again now, so maybe he’ll sleep until 7am now….

Anyways!  After the fun we had playing in the sink yesterday, Jace decided this should be a daily activity.  I disagree.  However, he managed to get pancake batter all over the place (himself, the kitchen, the dog), so I let him splash.  He needed to rinse off!
IMG_9885 IMG_9896

We went to Story Time at the library today.  Jace was very shy for the first 20 minutes, then seemed to get more comfortable.  We checked out a few Clifford books.  After the library, Jace got a haircut!  Before I’d always taken him after nap so he’d be “happy and rested”.  That’s a dumb plan.  Today I took him before nap and he was so tired that he just clung to me and cried while they cut his hair.  The whole process was really fast because Jace wasn’t squirming, thrashing, or batting at the scissors.  I’ll post a before and after picture of his hair tomorrow.  I didn’t take any decent “after” pictures today.  Oops.

Jace really likes the animals.  He likes to chase Cuervo.  It’s a fun game until they accidentally bounce into each other.  Jace’s 27 pounds can’t stand up to Cuervo’s 60.  Jace likes the kitties too.  Cody doesn’t usually hang out with us, but Claire spends her days in the playroom.  And Jace spends his days trying to lay on top of her and trying to pick her up.  That is one tolerant cat!  But the cats love Jace because he has discovered where we keep their treats/canned food and is always trying to get more treats for them.
IMG_9903 IMG_9947

Today Jace played with his stuffed Husky a lot.  He “walks” him on the little leash we made.  He laughs when the dog tips over during the walk.  He barks at the dog.  And today he tried to get his dog to play fetch.  Cuervo was chewing on a tennis ball.  Jace borrowed the ball from Cuervo and bounced it off of the Husky a few times.  The Husky wasn’t that interested….  But it was cute.
IMG_9917 IMG_9918

After Adam made it home, we headed out for a few groceries.  Jace has discovered the drinking fountain at Weis, so that’s a popular stop now.  When we got home, we realized there was a package by our front door addressed to Jace.  He actually seemed excited to open the box.  A xylophone!  All of our alphabet books use a xylophone for the X page.  Jace wasted no time before he was happily banging away.  Yay!
IMG_9955 IMG_9941


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