A Fun and Full Day

Jace slept great last night!  He went to bed around 8pm and didn’t wake up until 7am!  He made a little noise at 3/3:30am, but didn’t need any attention to get right back to sleep.  Hurray for Jace!  It was one of our best nights yet!

Our morning flew by.  Jace likes to play a few games on my iPad, which works out wonderfully when I want to take a shower.  After I got dressed for the day, we had breakfast.  Jace helps me cook.  He really likes to crack the eggs.  In fact, he really likes to get the eggs out of the fridge (I have to lift him up), crack the eggs into the bowl (I get to fish the extra pieces of shell out), and then stir them before he lets me pour them into the pan.  It’s amazing to realize how much he learns just by observing.

Anyways!  After breakfast we played in the playroom.  We were having a great time, then I realized it was almost 10am.  We had to rush upstairs to get ready for the play date.  I’m glad we hurried.  The play date was lots of fun.  There were lots of moms and lots of kids.  And lots of new toys!  It was tough getting a good group picture though….

After the play date, Jace and I did some grocery shopping.  Then it was nap time.  It was a really short nap today (55 minutes?).  I’m not sure why Jace woke up so early, but I couldn’t get him back to sleep.  That meant we had lots of play time together all afternoon.  Yay!

Jace grabbed Adam’s razor and headed into Cuervo’s kennel to do his shaving.

Here’s a video.  The picture is cute, but you can hear him making the shaving sound effects in the video.  He’s so funny!

Shaving – in the Kennel – video

He crawled back into the kennel and I thought he was going to take a nap.  But instead he just looked at Cuervo and laughed.  Turf wars, I think….

Laughing, Not Napping – video

We headed downstairs to play.  Jace is very interested in the microwave lately.  He doesn’t like it when it’s running, but he does like pushing buttons and opening and closing the door.  Today he kept putting his sippy cup in the microwave and laughing about it.  I took too many pictures, but he was just so happy.  And his face is so darn cute!
IMG_9735 IMG_9742 IMG_9752 IMG_9753 IMG_9756 IMG_9760

After the fun with the microwave, I attempted another activity.  And failed.  I’d read that you could have kids practice fine motor skills by threading cheerios onto a piece of spaghetti.  Good idea, right?  Yes, it is a good idea.  If you do it correctly.  If you don’t, then you get my situation….  I thought Jace would be interested in this activity because the other day he found a tag from a new shirt and had a great time threading a skinny piece of plastic through the hole in the tag over and over.  But here’s where I went wrong….  I bought a box of spaghetti the other day – solely for the purpose of having a few noodles for this activity.  And then Adam and I tossed the entire box of pasta into boiling water.  I realized that I’d forgotten to save a few noodles pretty quickly and grabbed them out of the pot.  But noodles that have been steamed/dunked in water and then left to dry end up brittle.  Very, very brittle.  Next, instead of basic cheerios, I have cinnamon apple protein cheerios.  Yummy.  However, cinnamon apple protein cheerios have a very small hole in the center and a surprising number of them are so coated with delicious flavoring that you can’t get anything through the hole in the middle of the cheerio if you tried.  Sigh.  The third problem with my activity was the playdoh.  In the instructions, it suggests sticking the noodle into a mound of playdoh to keep it upright.  Well, my homemade playdoh was a bit soft.  Sooooo, rather than a durable noodle standing sturdily on a tray with uniform and threadable cheerios, my activity consisted of a very brittle and broken noodle listing to the side in a mushy pile of playdoh, accompanied by cheerios with no hole in the middle.  Awesome.    IMG_9766 IMG_9767

So!  We scrapped that idea pretty quickly and moved on to just playing with playdoh.  I didn’t have any toys for him, so we used a medicine cup, a garlic press, and a hardboiled egg slicer.  He seemed okay with it.
IMG_9781 IMG_9788

Then, after playdoh, is when we got to the really fun activity.  Playing in the sink!  Jace figured out how to turn on the sprayer.  And loooooooved it.  IMG_9798 IMG_9824 IMG_9827 IMG_9828

At one point he realized how ridiculously soaked he was, but he was happy again as soon as I turned the water back on.
IMG_9839 IMG_9841

There’s one jet in the spray that goes a different direction.  Probably means I should clean the faucet.  Anyways, this jet shoots towards the front of the sink.  At an angle that makes it perfect for drinking from the sink.  I thought it was cute how Jace had to stand on his tippy-toes to do this.
IMG_9844 IMG_9847 IMG_9852 IMG_9853

Eventually he realized that if he leaned realllly far forward, the front of his head would get wet.  He thought it was funny.  Of course.  And he ended up SOAKED.  IMG_9862 IMG_9865

Here’s a video of him playing in the sink.  I think it’s cute how you can see his tongue lapping at the water while he’s trying to take a drink!

A Drink from the Sink – video

Jace played and played and splashed and splashed and drank and drank.  Then we headed up stairs, got into dry clothes, and waited for Adam to come home to have snack.  All in all, a very fun day!


2 thoughts on “A Fun and Full Day

  1. He’s going to be a future chef? Future comedian.. Future water fountain builder/sink distributer/water slide champion.. Well after he gets past his sledding trauma obviously (teasing of course!! Sarcasm is hard to convey sometimes) he’s going to be wait for it… This is my favorite… A neurologist who conducts sleeps studies!!!!

    Look at the great foundation you’re building! He’ll have so many choices!

    Future zookeeper! (From his love of cages… He he) I’m here all week folks… Ok well I think he could be anything!

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