Pants are Overrated

Jace is hilarious.  You know who else thinks Jace is hilarious?  Jace!  He cracks himself up.  I don’t even know what he’s laughing at half the time.  His latest “joke” is hiding and then surprising us.  Tonight we were sitting at the dinner table.  Jace was between us in his highchair.  All of a sudden he covered his eyes with his fingers (but he was totally peeking).  He sat like that for a few seconds, then uncovered his eyes and yelled “haaaaaa”.  Then he did it again.  He soooo thinks he’s invisible when he’s got his hands over his eyes.

It’s fun having him be so happy though.  Maybe it’s the sleep?  Speaking of sleep….  Yesterday he napped for 90 minutes.  Shorter than usual.  He went to bed fairly easily at 8pm, but woke up at 12.  Adam got him back to sleep by “shushing” from the door, but then Jace woke up again at 12:20.  We were convinced it was going to be a long night, so I got dressed in warm clothes (so I wouldn’t be cold sitting on the floor in the nursery all night).  Adam got him back to sleep by 12:30 and…. Jace slept til 6:50am!  HURRAY!

He was all smiles in the morning.  We played around in jammies and had breakfast in jammies too.  I decided we should go to Crayola, so we headed up stairs to get ready.  I figured it would take about 15 minutes and then we’d be out the door.  Good plan, but one of us refused to put on pants (it wasn’t me).  Sooooooooo, 45 minutes later, we were still playing in the nursery.  Jace was having a great time!
IMG_9674 IMG_9676

He laid in his crib for about 20 minutes.  I’d drape the blanket over him, he’d lay there for a few seconds, then kick wildly until the blanket flew off.  Laughing the whole time, of course.IMG_9683 - Copy

After we finnnnnally got dressed, Jace bounced down the stairs (he loves this) and we read a bunch of books.  He’s so good at finding the mouse on each page of Goodnight Moon.  In fact, if you stay on one page too long, he’ll start pointing out all the future hiding places for the mouse from the following pages.
IMG_9698  IMG_9702 - Copy

After a bunch of books and a snack, we headed out to go sledding.  And I traumatized him.  Oops.  I got Jace on the sled and, very carefully, dragged him half a mile to a small sledding hill.  He fell off the sled a few times on the walk over, but he braced with his arms pretty well and didn’t seem upset.

When we got to the very tiny hill, I dragged him to the top, sat down with him, and slid down the hill.  He was not impressed.  We sat at the bottom for a minute, then he said “ghen”, so we headed up again.  Same story.  Slid down the hill, Jace wasn’t impressed, sat at the bottom for a while, then he said “ghen”.  And repeat.  After the third run, I decided I should run the sled up the hill and then come back for Jace.  It was a very tiny hill, but I was worn out.  So, I drop the sled at the top, run back to Jace, and try to pick him up.  He says no.  I try coaxing him, but he refuses to get up.  So I head up to sled by myself.  I go sailing past him and he finds it hilarious.  I run the sled up the hill and come back for him, he refuses again, so I sled down by myself.  He laughs some more.  I figure he’ll like sledding now, so I drag the sled up the hill and then pick Jace up to take him sledding with me.  Jace says no, but I take him up anyways.  I try to set him on the sled and he shrieks.  I sit down with him and he shrieks.  I figure he’ll be happy once we start moving, right?  Wrong!  We head down the hill and he shrieks the whole way.  At the bottom he is so upset with the sled that he climbs off and crawls through the snow to get away from the sled.  I pick him up and we explore the snowy parts of the park – sans the sled.

Finally, it’s time to head home.  I try to put him on the sled and he refuses!  So now we’re half a mile from home and I have to start walking with the sled, two blankets, and a squirmy toddler in a puffy snowsuit.  It didn’t go well.  I kept trying to coax Jace into the sled, but he was not having it.  When I wasn’t trying to convince him to get in the scary sled, he had a nice time.  We took lots of breaks because I had a hard time holding him on my hip with one hand.  During the breaks we ate snow, threw snow, crunched snow with our boots, and climbed the snowdrifts.  Fun.  When we made it to the cul-de-sac, Jace decided the sled was okay.  He climbed in and I dragged him the remaining 100 feet to our driveway.  Ridiculous!  But we did have a good time playing outside.
IMG_9704 IMG_9706

And now it’s bedtime.  Jace took a longer nap today (2.5 hours).  He woke up crabby at the 1.25 hour mark and was happy to go back to sleep for another 1.25 hours.  He went to bed pretty easily, so hopefully he’ll have another great night.  This whole sleeping thing is wonderful.  And it makes for a very happy and laughing Jace!


One thought on “Pants are Overrated

  1. Have I told you recently these daily updates are great! They’re way fun!! I know you’re frustrated with the whole sleeplessness (less so now) but if you get this all figured out, please feel free to continue posting about sleeping successes! You can post how long he slept for! I’m serious! This is waaaaay fun!

    When he’s 12 I still need to know these things!!! 😉

    You painted such a vivid picture of you walking home.. After sledding.. Goodness…

    Try again tomorrow! He he maybe next week? Then that can be a new blog series!

    Miss you!

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