Roller Coaster

Sleep is a bit of a roller coaster.  If I had posted yesterday, I would have spent the whole time complaining about how Jace barely slept on Saturday night.  But instead, Adam and I watched a realllllly long movie and I didn’t have time to post.  Then, last night, Jace slept great!  So, who knows where we’re at with sleep….

Saturday night Jace went to bed at 8ish, like usual.  And he was NOT having it.  He didn’t want Adam to comfort him, he wanted me.  And he didn’t want me to stand on the far side of the room, he wanted me right next to the crib.  So, I hung out near the crib for a full hour before he finally fell asleep.  He was quiet the entire time, but would get agitated when I tried to leave.  He slept pretty well from 9pm – midnight, but was up at 12, 12:20, and 12:40.  The first two weren’t terrible (5 minutes?), but the 12:40 wake up took a solid 20 minutes before he fell back to sleep.  He was up again at 3am.  I ended up hanging out by the crib for 45 minutes before he finally fell asleep.  Then, when I tried to leave the room, he woke up again.  I laid back down by the crib and he was right back out.  But I was so tired, I fell asleep too.  On the floor.  By the crib.  I woke up at 4:45 and though I’d try to sneak out of the room, but he started whimpering as soon as stood up.  Now that I think about it, I probably woke up at 4:45 because he woke up at 4:45….  Anyways, I grabbed a blanket and lay back down and we both fell right back to sleep.  He woke up at 6:50am and was super smiley and ready to play.

Nap times seem to have shifted from the 2.5-3 hour length to a precise 90 minutes.  But he’s really happy, so I guess that’s enough sleep for him.

Last night he went down pretty easily at 8pm.  He whimpered at midnight (we were pretty loud with the baby gate and taking the trash down to the curb).  I stood outside the door to his room and said “shhhh” for about 30 seconds.  And the next time he made a sound was 6:55am.  Yay!  I’m counting that as a 8pm-7am stretch of sleep.  HURRAY!

Here are a few pictures from the last two days.  The first four are pictures of Jace eating pieces of a popsicle.  His teeth have been hurting, so I smashed up a frozen juice cup and let him go for it.  Adam was sitting at the table with him and they were laughing and laughing.
IMG_9411 IMG_9413 IMG_9414 IMG_9416

Jace loves to be chased.  Or tackled.  Or tickled.
IMG_9423 IMG_9436

We spent some more time outside!  I like all the snow.  Jace isn’t crazy about it, though he was happy to sit on the snowbank and eat handfuls of snow….IMG_9461 IMG_9464

It was nice weather, so there were open puddles.  Jace had a great time splashing and stomping.  Eventually he started splashing with his hands – and his fleece mittens were instantly soaked.  He’s got waterproof mittens, but I can’t get his thumbs into the thumb holes.  The fleece ones are more fun for him, but his hands were frozen after about two seconds of playing in the ice water.
IMG_9465 IMG_9469

Jace and I tried to do some shopping today.  It didn’t go very well.  Weis was sold out of bananas, so we headed to Target.  Target had bananas, but they were sold out of sleds.  As were the other Target, both Walmarts, Sam’s Club, 5 Below, and the Christmas Tree Store.  Lucky for us, Weis sells sleds.  We’re supposed to get some snow tonight, so we bought a sled.  I’m excited!  Not sure if Jace will be into it, but we are definitely going to try sledding around the neighborhood.
IMG_9473 IMG_9660

Tonight I finally broke down and bought Jace the full version of his favorite iPad game.  I download the free trials of a bunch of apps and he plays with them.  But he’s been extra loving the Old MacDonald app lately.  The free version only comes with three animals.  Jace now has access to all 11 animals.  Fun, fun.

Tonight Jace played on the iPad, got chased around the playroom, ate some dinner (though not much), had a great bath (I could hear Jace and Adam laughing really hard almost the whole time!), got ready for bed, and had story time.  He went down fairly easily, so we’re hoping it’ll be another great night.  He needs to be well-rested for our snowy adventures tomorrow!
IMG_9663 IMG_9672


One thought on “Roller Coaster

  1. Loving the sleep updates. It sounds like he is making progress! Love the snow pics, and the popsicle pics, and i aways love seeing him in daddy’s lap with a book!!!!!! Soo cute.

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