After sleeping all through the night on Thursday night, I guess Jace was too rested to sleep on Friday night.  Hmmmm.  Like I said, it was tougher to get him to sleep last night than it had been recently.  When he finally did fall asleep (around 8:30pm), he slept great until 3:30am.  He woke up crying – not whimpering, crying.  He wasn’t calming down with our usual techniques and he definitely seemed to want me, not Adam.  As long as I was in contact with him, he stopped crying.  As soon as I moved my hand from his back, he’d start up again.  So I stayed.  I know I was awake with him from 3:30am – 4:15am.  After that, things are a bit blurry.  I made it back to my own bedroom at 5:15am.  I know Jace moved around several times between 4:15 and 5:15, but I also think I dozed a bit during that hour, so I would guess that he did too….  Right?  Anyways, he slept well from 5:15am – 7:45am (an hour later than usual).  And best of all, he woke up happy!

Since he slept in a bit, I wasn’t sure how nap time would go.  Instead of his usual 2.5-3 hour nap, Jace napped for 90 minutes today.  I couldn’t get him back to sleep, so he was just up for the rest of the afternoon.  Very happy.  Smiling.  Laughing.  Lots of fun.

Dinner and bath time went well.  Story time and cuddle time went well.  And then we put Jace in his crib.  And he cried.  He didn’t want Adam to comfort him, so I hung out by his crib.  I didn’t touch him, I just sat on the floor next to him.  He crawled all the way to the edge of the crib and pressed his face against the slats so he was as close to me as possible.  Every time I would try to leave the room, he’d whimper.  As long as I stayed right next to him, he was fine.  So again, I stayed.  It took almost an hour, but he finally fell asleep.  And slept well from 9pm – 12midnight.  He was up for 4 minutes at midnight, but he’s back asleep now.  Fingers crossed that he stays asleep til 7am!

Despite this disruption in our awesome week of sleep, we still had a fun day.  We got 6″ of snow last night, so we spent the morning outside.  Our neighborhood is cute!  All of our neighbors were outside shoveling this morning.  Everyone was friendly and people worked together on driveways, sidewalks, and the berms from the plow.  A lot of our neighbors are older, so Adam had his work cut out for him.  He was very helpful.  Jace and I, on the other hand, just played in the snow….

Jace had a great time climbing over the berm into the street.  We walked down a few houses and some of our neighbors suggested we try out their sled.  Their sled is designed for someone Jace’s age – it’s pretty much a seat with runners.  Perfect!  Jace has a tendency to tip over on the standard sleds, so this worked well for him.  Only catch is that he liked being pulled up the hill more than he liked sliding down. 
IMG_9377 IMG_9250 IMG_9252 IMG_9255

The snow was perfect packing snow, so we built a snowman.  Then Jace discovered that you can eat snow.  Rather than bending down to pick some up, he started eating the snowman!  Luckily, Adam came to the rescue with a big chunk of snow for Jace to eat.
IMG_9289 IMG_9283  IMG_9295 IMG_9369

This afternoon we played in the house.  Jace played a tiny bit with the sewing cards and drum that I made him (he doesn’t like my arts and crafts projects as much as I do, sigh!), then he helped me organize the coat closet.  He picked up the IronPigs baseball hat and practiced wearing it around the house.  Backwards.  Very cute.IMG_9382 IMG_9401 IMG_9403 IMG_9407

And that was our day!  I’m not sure what is going on with sleep, but maybe tonight’s a turning point and he’ll be back to record-breaking stretches of sleep tomorrow!


One thought on “Sleep?

  1. What happens if you cut his naptime short — say 1.5 hours or so, instead of 2.5 to 3. That’s a long time to sleep in the middle of the day. Maybe he just needs to be sleepier at bedtime, and he’ll sleep for longer period during the night?

    Amd when he wants you nearby when he’s trying to fall asleep, will it work if you sit in his doorway, so you can have some light and read or something? Sarah did this when she was 2. She’d pop her head up to see if I was still there, I’d see her, say “Shhh” and she’d put her head down. It would take a while, but eventually, she’d be sleeping, and I wouldn’t have wasted an hour sitting in the dark, wishing I was somewhere else.

    xoxo wal

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