All Night Long!

Jace slept!  Last night was great!  He went to sleep pretty easily and was down by 8:15pm.  He didn’t wake up again until 6:42am.  That’s right – HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT!  Hurray Jacen!  I know I’ve already mentioned this, but Jace is just so much happier now that he’s sleeping (haha, Adam mentioned to me today that he thinks I’M happier now that Jace is sleeping….ummmm, yes, definitely, definitely yes….sleep is amazing).

We went to a play date today and most of the kids were closer to 3 years old.  Jace was shy at first, but then he discovered a cool helicopter toy.  He was happy to go off on his own – with the big kids – and play.  Eventually he ended up back on my lap, but I was proud of him.  All these play dates are definitely working on his social skills!

Aside from the play date, Jace and I ran one errand.  I needed shoe laces for a craft project I’m attempting to make for him.  My homemade activities have a hard time stacking up to the iPad though….  There are some cool apps and Jace loves them.  He even sings along with the “E-I-E-I-O” parts of the songs.  Anyways, at the store Jace picked up a shopping basket, set it on the floor, climbed in, sat down, looked at me, and said “vroooom”.  When I wouldn’t drag him around the store in the basket he started crying!  Sigh.  We shopped quickly, then headed outside.  As soon as we were outside, he was all smiles.  He found a pile of snow in the shade and walked across it over and over and over and over.  He might have stayed there all day, but my hands were getting cold and it was nap time.
IMG_9226 IMG_9235

I mentioned that Jace’s new car seat has a cup holder that I keep filled with snacks.  It’s a great system most of the time, but lately his car seat has been filled with crushed snacks when he gets out of the car.  I couldn’t figure out how so many crumbs were ending up in the car seat.  I know he drops snacks now and then, but the amount of food in the car seat was waaaaay more than just a few dropped snacks.  Tonight I sat down in the backseat for a second before I unstrapped him.  He had a few of his penguin snacks in his hands.  They’re kinda like goldfish, but cheap.  The important thing is that they’re hollow like goldfish.  As I sat there next to Jace, I watched as he picked up the penguins, held them carefully between his thumb and one finger, and squeeze until the cracker crushed into a bunch of pieces.  He smiled, ate the one tiny piece that was stuck to his finger, and reached for another cracker.  He did this four times while I watched.  I tried to take a picture, but the flash made him laugh.  At least I know why his car seat is filled with cracker crumbs….  Good thing he’s so cute!
IMG_9244 IMG_9248

Tonight was a bit rough getting Jace to bed.  The second Adam set him down in his crib, Jace started crying.  He hasn’t cried at bedtime all week!  Not sure what that was about.  I picked him up and he calmed right down.  We cuddled for a while, then we tried it again.  It went a little better, but he was still kinda whimpery.  He did fall asleep on his own though, so maybe the night will be okay.  Hope so.  He’s making such great progress with sleep!


One thought on “All Night Long!

  1. You got such a funny kid! It’s amazing you can such personality come through from this pre-person when he’s sooo little!! Vroom! Crunch (the cracker!) he’s such a cute boy! Hope the nights another successful night of zzzzzzzz.

    I’m loving these daily posts!

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