It’s Been A Week…. OF SLEEP!

Jace knows how to sleep!  We definitely don’t take it as a given that he’ll sleep all night – and we’re still extremely excited each morning when we wake up and realize what a great job Jace has done.  But that being said, I think he’s really starting to get this!  Last night he went to bed by 8:10pm.  He woke up at 12:18am and was asleep again by 12:20.  He woke up at 12:40 and was back down by 12:44.  And then he slept until 7:02am.  With two wake-ups in a row, I was nervous, but he did just fine.  And he wakes up pretty happy in the morning.  It’s so nice!

All this sleep is resulting in a very happy Jace.  We had a great day.  We had breakfast and read some books this morning, then had friends over to play.  Our new friends, Becky and Ella, are pretty awesome.  Ella is two months older than Jace.  She loved the kitties (she said “hi meow meow” over and over, very cute).  Jace and Ella played in the tunnel, played with blocks, and shared some snacks.  It was one of our best play dates yet!

After nap, Jace and I did some more reading, then we played in the kitchen.  Jace likes to play with the silicone oven mitts. 
IMG_9207 IMG_9202 IMG_9204 IMG_9194

After playing with the oven mitts, Jace decided it was time for a snack.  He asked for peanut butter, so I got out his little jar of Jif.  He used a spoon in the beginning, but once he discovered that he could fit his entire hand into the jar, he determined that a spoon was completely unnecessary.  Messy, but at least it’s good protein!IMG_9218 IMG_9222

We took two videos tonight.  Adam took the first one pretty soon after he got home from work.  Jace was all about reading today.  We must have read Goodnight Moon about 40 times.  No exaggeration.  Although I’m not sure “read” is the correct word for what we did….  We did read the book several times.  Then, I pointed out to Jace that there is a little mouse somewhere in each of the big pictures of the room.  Once he figured that out, his focus shifted.  He no longer cared about the words.  He no longer cared about the white pages (every other set of pages is black and white close ups of objects in the room).  All Jace wanted to do was find the mouse on each page.  And have me say “mouse” in response.  If I didn’t reply he would get frustrated and repeatedly point at the mouse in the book, saying “mou” until I acknowledged the mouse.  Adam says he watched us go through the book at least 20 times after he got home from work.  That is a lot of mouse spotting!

We took the second video after dinner and right before bath time.  Jace was amusing himself in the playroom while Adam and I cleared the table.  We heard Jace laughing hysterically and went to check it out.  Jace would carefully climb onto his laptop, balance there for a second, then step down.  And lauuuuuugh about it.  I don’t really get it, but it sure made him happy!

Mouse! – video

Cracking Himself Up – video

And now Jace is sound asleep.  Supposedly bananas are a natural sleep aid.  We’ve been giving Jace a banana right before bath time each night for the past week.  Tonight the bananas weren’t ripe enough to eat, so we skipped the banana.  Hopefully that won’t impact our night….  Go Jace Go!


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