Crayola is Even More Fun When You’re Rested!

Jace is amazing!  He went to bed around 8:15pm last night, woke up at 2:58am, was back asleep by 3:04am and slept until 7:07am.  YAAAAAY!  It’s pretty awesome.  Plus, he’s been waking up really happy.  He doesn’t cry, he just starts talking.  I’ll walk into his room and he’ll just be standing at the edge of the crib waiting for me.  This whole sleeping thing is pretty great!

For breakfast, Jace likes scrambled eggs (dipped in ketchup, of course).  Since he’s been sleeping, his appetite has increased.  He eats almost two eggs for breakfast now.  And then he asks for gogurt an hour later.  Still no luck getting him to drink milk, but we’re working on it….  After breakfast today, we packed up our snacks for Crayola.  Our Ninja Turtle tupperware is a great size.
IMG_9137 IMG_9139

Crayola was so much fun today!  We started out with the typical activities – climbing in the jungle gym and coloring with chalk and markers.
IMG_9140 IMG_9142

Then we headed to the “dark” area.  They had new images for the interactive floor mat.  Jace liked chasing the fish in the underwater pictures.  And he lay down flat on his back for the fireworks!

But the highlight of our crayola trip today was in Toddler Town.  They took out one of the big wall displays and replaced it with…. A TODDLER JUNGLE GYM!  It’s so cool!  Jace had a great time.
IMG_9152 IMG_9157

He took a break from the jungle gym to drag the orange toys (doggies?) around the floor.  I’m not sure why he does it, but that’s one of his favorite activities at Crayola.  Afterwards, he headed back into the jungle gym.  It was pretty easy to tell when it was time to head home for a nap….!
IMG_9160 IMG_9163

Jace loves the animals.  He’s entering a very huggy phase, it seems.  He’ll be in the middle of reading a book and suddenly lunge at Cuervo and throw his arms around his neck.  He tries to hug the cats, too, but it turns into more of a pinning-them-to-the-ground hug.  The cats are amazingly tolerant.  I glanced around the corner today and saw Jace “playing” with Claire.  I took a picture and then asked him if he was being nice to the kitty.  He dropped her tail and stared at me like he had no idea why I would think otherwise.  Of course Claire just continued to lay there, so he can’t have been too rough with her….

Jace likes his freedom.  That means he doesn’t like being forced to sit down or lay down.  Which, in turn, means that diaper changes are a huge battle.  Ugh!  It’s also a battle to get him to sit down and put on his shoes.  He’s really working on his balancing ability – strictly so he doesn’t have to sit down for shoes, pants, or anything else!  Luckily, getting him in the car seat isn’t too tough right now.  He associates the car seat with going on an adventure, so he’s usually pretty willing to get strapped in.  Plus, he’s got a cup holder in his new car seat and it’s always filled with snacks.  He lets me know when that cup gets empty!  Tonight’s adventure (Sam’s Club for groceries) had an extra level of excitement for Jace.  Not only was it windy, but it was snowing!  He loved it.  And now he’s sound asleep.  Great day!
IMG_9181 IMG_9165


2 thoughts on “Crayola is Even More Fun When You’re Rested!

  1. Oh what a happy boy! Happy mommy, happy family!!!!! That crayola place is amazing! What a find for your cold climate. I love that the activities change. He is learning so much.. xoxo

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