Jace has slept FIVE NIGHTS IN A ROW!  I was worried last night….  Jace went to bed around 8:15pm, like usual, but woke up right after midnight.  He was only up for 2 minutes, but then he woke up again 20 minutes later.  Yikes.  He was asleep within 10 minutes, then he slept great from 12:45 until 6:50am.  Phew.  So, that’s five in a row!  It’s wonderful!  I figure he’s getting about 10.5 hours of sleep at night.  He’s taking a 2-3 hour nap, though I don’t have a good technique for that part yet.  But I’m pretty happy with the amount of sleep he’s been getting.  And he’s been eating like crazy.  Growth spurt?  Maybe!

Today, Jace and I made playdoh.  I thought it might be fun to squish into shapes.  Jace thought it might be fun to step on.  So, despite my best efforts, Jace spent the entire time tearing the playdoh into pieces, then stepping on them.  Cuervo waited in the wings for us to finish because he thought the playdoh was edible.  Jace tried eating some too.  Yuck!  After playdoh we all had a yummy peanut butter snack.
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2 thoughts on “Playdoh

  1. Ummm… Did we not get our daily dose of Jace-ness and sleep update because something went awry? Ruh-uh. Please update soon. Inquiring minds from afar need to know ASAP!

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