Another Great Night

Jace slept again last night!  I thought about not posting today, but after almost 20 months of not sleeping, we’re still insanely excited each morning when we wake up and realize Jace didn’t wake up every 90 minutes.  I have a little notebook where I’ve been writing down sleep/wake times.  We wanted to see if there was a pattern based on all the different approaches we were trying.  Looking back through the notebook really shows how erratic his sleep has been.  Even just two weeks ago the notes show that our longest stretch of sleep was 2 hours and 45 minutes.  But now?  Now he’s doing great!  Last night he went to bed around 8:30, slept til 2:15, was up for less than 5 minutes, and slept from 2:20 until 6:00am.  He woke up at 6am sharp.  That’s almost an hour earlier than the past days, so I’m not sure why he woke up so early….  Maybe he’s getting caught up on sleep?  No idea.  But 6am was okay with me.  He took a decent (though slightly short) nap today, and was asleep in his crib by 8:15pm tonight.  Fingers crossed for another great night!

I didn’t think I could post without pictures, so I took a few pictures at story time.
IMG_9012 IMG_9020


2 thoughts on “Another Great Night

  1. Oh my goodness oh my goodness!
    Ok ok! So reveal your secrets! You can’t post your blog of success and not say how you did it! What’s magically working all of a sudden?!?! What if other moms are like you and are looking for answers and need YOUR help?? What are YOU doing?
    I saw story time.. Routine- 8 pmish is bed time.. What was the magical ingredient?? Or is it top secret? Or a combo of 20 things?

    And you’re right.. Pics of your kid are the bestest!!!!

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