Still Sleeping!

What a great day!  Jace slept again last night!  He went to bed around 8:30pm (we even left the room while he was still a tiny bit awake and he didn’t cry at all!).  He woke up at 2:18am and was up and fidgety for a little bit, but was asleep again by 2:45am.  And then he slept til 6:53am!  Yaaaaay!  Adam and I are getting a bit superstitious though.  We’re so excited about all this sleep that we’re afraid we’re going to do something to jinx it….  It’s been so wonderful to get a decent night of sleep.  And I really think Jace feels the difference too.  Not like he was unhappy before, because he wasn’t, but Adam and I both think he seems a little bit happier now that he’s sleeping better.

Anyways!  Pictures.  Jace helped his Daddy make breakfast (loving the whole chair-in-the-kitchen thing).  And then Jace hung out with me while I combed my hair and put on make up.  He likes to sit in the sink.  Randomly he will stand up, open the medicine cabinet, and choose something else to examine.  It works for me!

As you know, bath time is Adam’s arena.  After bath time and bedtime stories, Adam calls me and I come running up the stairs.  Well, today I tiptoed up the stairs early and got to peek at them reading stories together.  Jace’s favorite book of the week is about Clifford, the Big Red Dog.  He points to Clifford on every single page and says “doggie”.  So cute!   IMG_9003


2 thoughts on “Still Sleeping!

  1. I just finally got a chance to look at all the recent videos and I LOVE THEM. Jace is learning so much. He is really learning his sounds and how to move his mouth around to make the different consonant sounds. Yay! AND, Adam….you are doing a fabulous job talking to Jace about the stuff you are looking at together. I loved the body parts video! So adorable. He really knows his parts! And I also liked the farm animal sounds…what does a mouse really sound like? And who ever really hears a rooster…oh, wait, we hear roosters all the time out here on the road. The don’t say Cock-a-doodle-doo….they just scream in a weird voice. I’m glad there isn’t a picture of a fox, because WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? Haha. Looks like your kid is really doing well you guys. I love these posts. Keep them coming!!!!

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