It was a great day!  It’s amazing how much quality sleep impacts, ummm, EVERYTHING.  And all three of us got quality sleep last night.  That’s right – Jace had his third AMAZING NIGHT OF SLEEP in a row!  He fell asleep around 8:30pm.  Woke up at 3:18am, but was back asleep by 3:20am.  And then slept until 6:58am.  YAAAAAY!

Video highlights from today….

Exercise Ball Trampoline – video
Jace likes bouncing.  I put an old pink exercise ball in his playroom one day and he thought it was tons of fun.  He likes to run into it and bounce off.  He likes when I roll the ball into him.  He likes when I try to help him stand on the ball while it’s in the middle of the room.  And the other day, we discovered a new way to play….  The ball wedges pretty well between the wall and the couch – turning the exercise ball into something of a trampoline.  It’s great!  My arms give out before Jace’s enthusiasm wears off though….!

In my last post, I mentioned that Jace gets pretty excited when he gets to play outside in the wind.  I posted a few pictures, but they were a bit blurry.  Well, today Adam and I were going through a box of random stuff and we came across a fan we bought in China.  Neither one of us wanted the fan anymore, so we added it to Jace’s toy bin.  He was playing with it tonight, trying to open it, so I helped him out and fanned him with it.  And he started laughing.  Apparently the fan is a decent substitute for a breezy day.  We ended up with a ton of videos.  After about 5 minutes of continuous head shaking, Jace was so dizzy he could barely stand.  Maybe we’ll play this game in smaller dozes tomorrow.  But he sure was loving it!!!!
IMG_4579 IMG_4584 IMG_4588 IMG_4599

Discovering the Fan – video

Laughing in the Wind – video

Hopefully all this playing – and laughing – wore him out and we’ll have another great night of sleep!!


One thought on “THREE-PEAT!

  1. He is such a HAPPY and active little boy! And isn’t it fun to introduce such basic things as “WIND” to him? Here’s another one that you may have tried already: You lie down on the floor on your backs. You have a spray bottle with clean water in it. (It’s best if the spray is a fine mist.) Then you spray one squirt of water into the air and let it sprinkle down on your faces. And indoor water shower! I have a feeling Jace might get a kick out of it.

    I am so excited that he’s sleeping, and that you’re sleeping too! Isn’t sleep FUN?

    xoxoxxo wal

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