Sleeeeeeeeep – part two!

Today was a fun day.  We went to a playdate with a lot of friends.  The hosts were twin boys who are six months older than Jace.  They had all the cool new toys.  And two of most of them!  It was a really fun playdate.  So much fun that apparently I didn’t take any pictures….  Oops!

Today was also a windy day.  Jace thinks the wind is funny.  When we’re walking outside and the wind is blowing, he likes to shake his head really hard or flap his arms.  I’m not sure what his goal is with these activities, but it’s pretty cute.  He’s squealing and laughing and smiling the whole time. 
IMG_8969 IMG_8979

And now, the sleep update.  Last night it took a while (almost an hour) to get Jace to sleep, but then he slept!  He slept from 8:52pm – 2:28am, was up for 5 minutes, then slept from 2:33am – 6:45am.  HURRAY!  It was incredibly exciting.  We’ll see how tonight goes….  Headed to bed now.  Fingers crossed!

Lastly, here’s a picture of Jace, the awesome sleeper!  The dog beds at the grocery store are totally Jace-sized couches!  IMG_8983


3 thoughts on “Sleeeeeeeeep – part two!

  1. Zzzzzzzzzzz

    Sending you white noise, melatonin, books, routine, quiet, warm covers, darkness, stillness, and everything else you could possibly need for many hours of getting a toddler to sleep for hours and I do mean hours or cross those fingers for an entire night of sleep!!!!!!!
    Good luck!

    Good luck!!!!

  2. First,,he looks pretty darn adorable in that fleece! And second, you have dog beds at your GROCERY store?? What’s up with that? And that’s the coolest dog bed I’ve ever seen. I’d buy it just to have something for little grandnephews and granddaughters to sit on. As well as dogs. And third, but most important, is Hooray, sleepy time!! Yayyyyy!!!! xo wal

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