As I think I’ve mentioned before, Jace loves pushing the button to open/close the garage door.  He also loves helping to fill Cuervo’s food dish.  One kibble at a time.  Those activities are okay, but I get cold standing in the garage or standing in the basement.  So, in the interest of staying warm, we’ve discovered a few new activities this week….

(1) Bubble wrap!  Unfortunately, Jace doesn’t weigh enough to make the bubbles pop….  But he does like standing on the bubble wrap and he likes the sound when I help him pop them.  (2) New teething toys!  Jace got some new teethers and he’s been loving them! 

(3) Calling people with my phone.  Oops.  I didn’t realize he was doing this.  Luckily, I don’t think any of the calls were real numbers.  But I did have three pages worth of calls – and he called some of the numbers 7+ times.  (4) There’s new stuff at Crayola!  I know this doesn’t count as a “warm inside the house” activity, but it’s never cold at Crayola, so I’m adding it to the list. 

(5) Watching videos of his cousin on facebook.  Over and over.  He loooooves that video.  Jace has no interest in watching TV (cartoons or otherwise), but he loves the 30 second Ronyn video.  (6) Eating peanut butter directly from the jar.  I knew Jace liked peanut butter, but I hadn’t found a mess-free way for him to eat it.  And now I have!  He stands next to the silverware drawer, uses a new spoon for each bite, and has a great time.  Plus, he throws the spoons to Cuervo when he’s done, so Cuervo loves this activity too! 
IMG_8936 IMG_8941

(7) Water.  Jace likes water.  He likes to splash, he likes trying to drink from a cup, he likes to turn the faucet on and off, and he likes to fill a cup and spill it out.  This used to be an exhausting activity because I had to hold him at a very awkward angle so he could reach the spout.  Then I realized that chairs are awesome.  Now he can stand there and play as long as he wants.  And when he’s done, he says “down” and I whisk him upstairs for an outfit change (he always ends up SOAKED).  But it’s a great activity and he loves it!  He’s gonna be psyched when he figures out the vegetable sprayer….  (8) This isn’t an in-the-house activity either, but it’s still cute.  We went to Kohl’s today.  Jace found a small suitcase and started pushing it around the store.  We made one complete lap (with multiple detours) before it was time to head home for lunch.  He got quite the workout!
IMG_8956 IMG_8960

And now….  SLEEP.  Adam and I have been trying a new method of getting Jace to sleep through the night.  The results have been sketchy at best.  Until last night.  Last night Jace went to sleep at 8:37pm.  And didn’t wake up until………………… 7:10am.  That’s 10.5 hours.  TEN AND A HALF HOURS!  That’s longer than he’s ever slept before in his entire life.  It was amazing.  I have no idea what caused it, but it was awesome.  Fingers crossed that it’s the start of a new pattern!  Doesn’t seem to be going particularly well so far tonight, but maybe once we get him to sleep he’ll stay asleep til 7am?  Hope so.  In any case, last night was incredible and Jace did such a good job!  YAY JACE!


3 thoughts on “Sleeeeeeeeep!

  1. TEN AND A HALF HOURS!!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! I hope it’s the beginning of a restful life in the Estrella household. I’ll bet it’s all that great exercise (both physical and mental) that you’re giving him. You’re such good parents! Good luck tonight! xoxoxo WAL

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