Happy and Talking!

After a less-than-great few days, Jace is back to his usual self.  I’m not sure why he was so grouchy last weekend and early this week.  He’s still teething, but now he’s happy, tolerant, and ready to play!

He is quite the climber.  He likes to climb into laundry baskets, plastic tubs, cardboard boxes, and anything else he can find.  We went to play at a friend’s house and Jace climbed all over her slide, couches, and play kitchen.  He had fun!  He also had a good time watching the guys try to fix our heater.  They spent a while outside – right below the window – and Jace spent the whole time knocking on the glass and waving at them.  The guys were really nice to him and waved back every time.
IMG_4509 IMG_8807

In addition to his cheerful mood returning, Jace’s appetite returned!  He’s been a great eater at breakfast.  He loves “dip dip”.  “Dip dip” can been any dipping sauce you provide – salsa, ketchup, guacamole, syrup, mayonnaise, etc.  For breakfast, Jace eats scrambled eggs dipped in ketchup.  And once he finishes his eggs, he bends down to lick the remaining ketchup off his high chair tray!  He has been pretty interested in the car shopping carts at Weis.  The other day he insisted on using one for our shopping, but halfway through the shopping trip, he decided he’d rather ride in the basket.  Since he couldn’t reach the horn inside the car anymore, he just said “beep beep” when he felt like honking.  He’s funny.
IMG_8810 IMG_8859

Our local library had a toddler playdate.  It was great!  There was a huuuuge carpeted room with toys everywhere.  The playgroup was only for kids between the ages of 1 and 3, so everyone was in Jace’s age group.  He chewed on his fingers the whole time, but he had a good time playing with the toys.  For the last 10 minutes of the playdate, the librarian led some organized singing and dancing.  Jace wasn’t too crazy about that part.  He sat in my lap for most of it, but as soon as she had everyone stand up to dance, Jace was outta there.  He was much happier watching the activities from a bit of a distance.  We signed up for the next 0-24 month set of story hours, so maybe Jace will start to like that organized singing/dancing thing a bit more….
IMG_8864 IMG_8866

Jacen and Cuervo are friends!  They’re pretty cute together.IMG_8870 IMG_8871 IMG_8877 IMG_8878

Jace has been learning the names of different parts of the body.  His latest word is “cheek”.  It’s great, but he likes to put both hands on his cheeks and say “chee”.  He was painting the other morning and I said, “yucky, don’t put paint in your mouth!” or something like that.  Jace responded by dropping the paint brush and touching his mouth.  Then he touched both cheeks and said “chee”.  Yeaaaaaah.  It took a while to get him unpainted!
IMG_8882 IMG_8881

Jace loves the sinks lately.  When his hands get dirty I help him wash up.  He spends most of the time splashing, but he seems to really enjoy it.  The other day, he discovered the kitchen sink.  The faucet moves, which has provided lots of entertainment (and lots of mess and necessitated lots of clothing changes).
IMG_8887 IMG_8888

Here’s a picture of Adam and Jace playing a game on the iPad together.  And then a picture of Claire, because she really wanted to be in the post.IMG_8904 IMG_8908

Lastly, here are a few videos.

Animal Sounds (1) – video
Jace was a bit distracted by the camera, but he still did a decent job with his animal sounds.  It’s even better in person!

Animal Sounds (2) – video
Here’s another take.  I think the horse sound is better in this one….  And the mouse sound!  We can’t get him to meow for the kitty, though.  Instead he just says “kitty”.

Parts of the Body – video
Jace is getting pretty good at naming body parts!  His teeth were hurting by the time we took this video, so he has one hand in his mouth.  But I wanted to post tonight, so this is as good as it gets for now!  Still adorable.


3 thoughts on “Happy and Talking!

  1. Oh my gosh he is adorable! I love the videos! He sure seems smart to me! Knows his animal sounds? And his body parts?! He’s such a smarty! I am so grateful to see these posts and videos!! It’s a killer to live so far away.

  2. I see the song- head shoulders knees and toes!
    Old McDonald has a farm in Jace’s future! Especially now that he’s in an organized library singing group! He’ll be a pro! Even if he’s only listening from outside the room!

  3. Bugs, now that I’m a grandma, I understand how much it hurts to be so far away from our grandbabies! And yours is such a big boy now! SR and Adam, you guys are doing such a great job as parents. He’s obviously such a happy, healthy, smart, social little guy. Thank you for all your posts. I read and watch every single one. Love, hugs, and kisses to all, WAL

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