Jace learned a new word.  And that word is “no”.  Except, when Jace says it, it’s actually seven words.  “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!”  Sigh.  He’s also started temper tantrums.  My goodness that kid can get upset!  The latest tragedy in Jacen’s life is the fact that neither his daddy nor I enjoy continuously carrying Jace outside to the keypad on the exterior of the garage door.  This isn’t to say we never let him push the buttons.  We do, we really do!  But when it’s dark out and the thermometer says 16F, I don’t really feel like standing outside while he mashes buttons.  Especially when he refuses to put on a coat.  So, I explain to him that we’re not going to go push the buttons.  And he melts down.  MELTS DOWN.  It was sad.  But anyways, here are the pictures from our week.  Didn’t take many because we’ve just been hanging out around the house – playing with new toys and hitting the buttons on the keypad for the garage!

Jace helped his daddy sort through a few boxes from the basement.  Claire hung out with us while we read some books.
IMG_4494 IMG_4498

Jace likes playing with his new toys.  And he’s teething.  You can see the teething rash around his mouth in the sleeping picture.  Poor Jace!  One of the missing teeth finally showed up (yay!), so now I think he’s just working on the molar and the missing tooth on the lower left.  ‘Course I’m sure more are on the way after that.
IMG_4507 IMG_8762

It was cold yesterday, but I thought we should go outside anyways.  I miss going outside.  It was a terrible idea because it was really WINDY.  But, the brutal cold might have helped convince Jace to keep his mittens on his hands.  And it also proved to me that Jace needs another haircut.  His hair grows so fast!
IMG_8770 IMG_8768

Today, Jace and I headed to Target to buy a snow shovel.  In 8 years of living together, Adam and I have never needed a snow shovel.  A Pennsylvania winter should change that!  Jace looooved the snow shovel.  He pushed that thing around Target for 20 minutes before stumbling on the toy aisle.  After another 20+ minutes, we finally headed home to tackle the driveway.  I put the tiny shovel out for Jace, but I guess it’s hard to pick things up when your mittens are so puffy that you can’t get your thumbs into the thumb holes.  Haha.  It was fun to be outside.  It wasn’t all that cold, there was no wind, and Jace had a great time stomping around on the snow!
IMG_8786 IMG_8791IMG_8795 IMG_8800


One thought on ““No!”

  1. I don’t usually leave a reply on HERE, but he is soooo cute in these pics! Well, okay, in EVERY PIC! We sure miss you guys!

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