Christmas in NYC and Christmas Eve

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

On Monday, we went to New York City!  We wanted to check out all the Christmasy attractions.  Adam had the day off, so we rode the bus into the city.  We grabbed some lunch at a sushi place (they had cooked food too, thankfully!) and Jace played in the green saucer chairs.  Our first stop after lunch was Macy’s, where Adam and Jace wrote and mailed Jacen’s letter to Santa.
IMG_4332 (1)   IMG_4332 (2) IMG_4332 (3)

We checked out the window displays at Macy’s, saw the Empire State Building, then walked down 5th Avenue.
IMG_4332 (4) IMG_4335

We stopped to see the trees at Bryant Park and in Grand Central Station.IMG_4337 IMG_4341

We tried to check out the train exhibit at Grand Central, but Jace was sound asleep.  We did stop by a few comic book stores, then had a snack break at McDonalds.  Jace wasn’t a huge fan of the sushi/teriyaki chicken we had for lunch, so chicken nuggets were a perfect post-nap snack for him.
IMG_4342 IMG_4349a (1)

Next we checked out the windows at Lord & Taylor, Saks, Tiffany and Co., and Bergdorf Goodman.  We caught a glimpse of the tree at Rockafeller Center, saw Trump Tower, and looked at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  Everything was decorated for Christmas.
IMG_4349a (2)

Eventually we made it to Central Park.  We went to FAO Schwartz.  It’s a GIGANTIC toy store, but Jace was most excited about the button to call the elevator.  He is so obsessed with pushing buttons lately!  We took a turn on the huge piano, but Jace wasn’t really into it.  He kept trying to sit down on the heating vents by the window and I would drag him back to the piano keys.  Finally, he just flopped down on the keys!  IMG_4350 IMG_4368 IMG_4369 IMG_4376

After the toy store, we headed back towards Times Square.  We stopped to look at the lights by Radio City Music Hall.  So pretty!  We tried several times to get a family picture.  These are our best attempts.
IMG_4380 IMG_4389 IMG_4390 IMG_4393

We stopped at Ray’s Pizza (Famous Original?) for dinner.  Jace kept stealing bites from Adam’s plate, so Adam tickled him into submission.  We grabbed a Jamba Juice at the bus station, then headed for home.  Jacen loves Jamba Juice, which makes sense since it’s all fruit.  We’d bought one smoothie to share three ways and Jace definitely drank his full third.  Seemed fine at the time, but all that sugar had him wired for the first half of the bus ride!  He did great though.  He’s an amazing traveler.  We had a very fun day in NYC!
IMG_8361 IMG_8365

On Tuesday, we did our gift exchange with Jen and Chloe.  Jace and Chloe did pretty well helping each other open gifts.
IMG_8000 (1) IMG_8000 (3)

That evening we discovered that tinsel tickles!  So cute!

Tinsel Tickles – video

On Wednesday, we were headed home from looking at Christmas lights when our neighbor from across the street came over to talk to us.  She explained that Santa had stopped by her house a little early and had left a present for Jacen!  After bathtime and changing into his Christmas Eve jammies, Jace got to open his early Christmas present.  He tore the bow off and ripped off a strip of wrapping paper.  And then he discovered the buttons.  He had no interest in unwrapping the rest of the present because he could push plenty of buttons already.  It was funny.  Eventually he did finish the unwrapping.  And, in true Jace fashion, he clapped for himself when he was done.  The toy looks really fun and Jace was loving it.
IMG_8449 IMG_8455 IMG_8488

Eventually, we convinced Jace that it was time for bed so Santa could come visit!
IMG_8498 IMG_8499

And now it’s bedtime.  I’ll post pictures from Christmas Day soon.  Merry Christmas!


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